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I hate work, I'd rather be photographing stuff or writing.
Just read that a million Brits will be out of work by the end of the year. Right. Who actually screwed up this bad that the rest of the world has to pay for it too?
On a sad related news, I'm tied to the USD and US also. Goddamit!
What's in store for freelancers of this global meltdown?
Credit card meltdown? :D
I hope...
no more offices...please.


Ya now I wish we all had policies like China.
Vesper de Vil said…
No more offices would rock my world!!!
Miladysa said…
It will hit us hard in the North, it always does as we are a lot poorer than the South.

Having said that, because we are poorer we do not have so much to loose.

The money men always win :[
Ghost Particle said…
[akshaya] one would want to think that they saw the future, as they did many times in the past.

[vesper] LOL. it depends, if u love the office, u will love the job. I hate the office, and im overwhelmed by my current job. :D

[milady] //Having said that, because we are poorer we do not have so much to loose.// well said. i think the worst that will happen is putting food on the table. the greedy companies are taking this opportunity to raise food prices :( i cant imagine the poor and very poor, how will they fare.

we are paying for the virtual money and they greediness of some countries. sigh.
Veens said…
i thought u r on a holiday GP :P

why r u talking work here :P
brocasarea said…
everyone is suffering coz of this!1...:(
Ghost Particle said…
[veens] its a working holiday :D hahaha...thats how life is. :)

[brocasarea]yes, lets c who escapes unscathed.
Known Stranger said…
that was nice zoon and angle.
Miladysa said…
You know Ghosty it is not the countries but a tiny minority of the people in them.

Personally speaking it hurts me deeply when the UK is criticised because I love my country and people dearly.

When Britain was one of the so called 'greatest nations' in the world the majority of people were working class and living in poverty. The same in any country I can think of.

As I said, it's not the country or her people but a few greedy people of every nationality.
Ghost Particle said…
[milady[ they said the sme about France wasting too much food. but u said it well. its the people and the small bunch who dont care about the world around them.

for me England still is the greatest country, it gave us English. In an evolutionary view point, it made us come closer, something of a modern day evolution.

I understand well the situation of Britain...we will talk more when we meet :) its not for discussion here coz too many will get hurt.

hope we see a future worth living Milady. Life is beautiful, but the politics is not.

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