Wednesday, October 22

Deepavali Ads

There was a time Petronas Deepavali ads fired so much emotions over TV. There were some now legendary ones such as this:

This years' ad is good, but is Malaysian politics really this liberal towards us? Parents did sacrifice tremendously for generations, but the politics of Malaysia broke many dreams.

Deepavali 2008 ad by Petronas (via RaajaRox)

[#] They gave us wings, just don't clip it too soon. We've learned a lot over the years, we are stronger now.


Princess said...

lovely vdo..

yes I do have wings :)

Prakhar said...

really nice ads!

venus66 said...

A very good one. I liked it. A lot to learn from the add.Thank you.

Vinesh said...

that's interesting! thank you for introducing me to this..

Ghost Particle said...

[princess] :) lets make dreams come true.

[prakhar] hi! thx for coming here. Surely a difference to Indian ads right? Im loving ads from India now hehehe...

[venus] true, the message is deep. :)

[vinesh] hi! thx for coming. well nice to introduce you to some Malaysian ads :)


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