Friday, October 17



Jeevan said...

nice zooming on chamundi tower :)

Anonymous said...

no wayyyyyy! u were in Chamundi.. in MYSORE!! no way :-| :-/ x-(

awesome pic though.


venus66 said...

Very unique. Nice work.

tulipspeaks said...

i love that Gopuram!!


brocasarea said...

nice snap...the angle:)

Miladysa said...


LOVE that header too!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

nice photo. We used to trekk on chamundi everytime we went to mysore as kids. Your pics brought a lot of memories back.

Princess said...

Tripping alk over India-va?

cool pic.

Pauline said...

So very beautiful...wish I could be there beside you to compare notes!!! Have an amazing journey. love Pauline

Solitaire said...

Where and what is this?

Known Stranger said...

which temple is that ?

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] thanks nanba

[veens] happy ending :p

[venus] thank you :)

[ammu] pack ur bags, get the tickets and run! i mean fly :p suggest at mib la...who knows...

[brocasarea] thx bro.

[milady] thx milady, the rest of the snaps are at gI.

[akshaya] i must one day trek in the morning to see the sunrise. the hills and temple is amazing! thx.

[princess] yes yes...well tripping and falling is more accurate :D thx.

[pauline] thx Pauline, we can compare notes in the future, when i see you :) hugs n love.

[sneha] its the Chamundeswari temple Gopuram from Chamundi Hills, Mysore.

[vaishnav] its the Chamundeswari temple


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