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Heavens on Earth

Finally snapped my own wallpapers :P
The beauty of Udagamandalam personified by the pine and eucalyptus forests
on the road up the Doddabetta mountain which is 2623 m in height.
(not good for exercise challenged couch potatoes... :D )
Songs(?) and scenes from the movie Roja was shot in this forests.

[+] Want the snap(s) in higher resolution ?, buzz me in the comments. Ooty post updated in Ghosting India.


Ghost Particle said…
i got eucalyptus correct the first time! wohooo! i can spell alalalala!
Leni Qinan said…
What an amazing forest! The trees are very impressive! And that wonderful mysterious gloomy fog! (I really like fog!). It's all so suggesting.

Your pics are beautiful. I hope you didn't get knackered after the climbing, lol. Nah, I was joking. I presume you're fit!

Take care. ;)
Babu Bhaskaran said…
I have recently been to Ooty and Coonor. Amazing places. The day I had visited, there was zero visibility on the road due to fog. I want to believe and indeed feel like I was in the clouds.

Some pics of my trip
Princess said…
charming nature always..
Jeevan said…
I can’t belive my eyes, is the same road filled with vehicles in summer. Glad u enjoyed this mist, and walking in that situation hum… its bliss bro. yes I need this two pic look near.
manivannan said…
Hi friend,

That's a wonderful picture of my native place. Lovely.

Also read a few of your poems. liked them.
Miladysa said…

Foggy too :D I think there are spirits in that fog Ghosty. What did they tell you?
Tom Evans said…
That's beautiful. Nothing like a good forest. I hope you got out the car and wandered off into the wild...

I enjoyed your very short verse in the post before too, I'm normally sceptical about such tiny efforts but there was surprising substance in it.
QUASAR9 said…
I love that expression
Cinderella. said…
I loved the first pic bhai ! Amazing !!!!
Kavi said…
FAntastic ! Fantastic ! Fantastic ! Glad you are having a swell time there !

and pics pls ! :)
Shiv said…
the sec pic is awesome....woww...kalakuraa...are u on flickr??
Ghost Particle said…
[leni] the fog is amazingly beautiful Leni, luckily i was there to snap it. :) It brings all kind of emotions... :)

And yes...i was sapped total after the climb...well it was by car...but i could not breath proper :) thx.

[babu] Hi Babu! Ur photos are excellent...i think if there was no fog we could have gotten clearer snaps. Its the top of the world...amazing place isnt it. Im visiting ur blog now :) Thank you for coming.

[princess] always and forever. thx :)

[jeevan] exactly said now its so serene and beautiful nanba. ive sent the pics to u. tc pa.

[manivanan] hello nanba. u have a beautiful home town :) thanks for the kind words, i like ur blog too. visiting them now.

[milady] hey we are all doing fog posts this week eh :D the spirits told of a world were there are still hope...if we just listen :) hugs.

[tom evens] hey tom! thanks for coming. i did walk around for a while. it was so nice and quiet.

i understand of the short verses...coz its always seem incomplete. but i have a good poetess friend Gautami who said to me that we can always expand poems later on :) im going to do that will all my short ones soon. sometimes they show us different worlds.

im visiting u now, thanks again!

[q9] hello!!! im missing ur posts...mst jump more frequent my astronomer friend. thank you again.

[cindy] hey girl...something good came out of the trip right! wish i was feeling better...shud have taken the toy train :(

[kavi] thanks sar. pics in the India blog sir...thanks again :)

[shiv] orkuted u shiv...ange par. :p
Known Stranger said…
are you camping india ? are you from malaysia. thanks for visiting my page
venus66 said…
Beautiful forest.Just fantastic!
Ghost Particle said…
[known] traveling India :)

[venus] thank you :)
Solitaire said…
It is beautiful! Looks like a postcard!
Ghost Particle said…
[sneha] it does and more :)

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