Tuesday, October 7


Did I get 2 1/2 hours younger by coming to India? :D

I'm loving the local ads, they're refreshing and good. And ads sell big time in India.

Buses are nice to travel, but long haulers are taxing. Town buses are excellent, with Illayaraja music and 80's movies...I never knew, I never knew. Heck, some buses even plays mp3. Oh and the buses dont stop, you just jump out, or jump in :D

Auto drivers have completely deciphered me. Was fleeced in Chennai, and in Madurai, one driver asked me to pay how much I normally do. What do I say then? So how I do master this? No way...

TN needs rain. Right now. And the power cuts, make me appreciate all I have, the gazillion watts I waste back home...urgh.

This CDMA Internet thingy is so helpful, but not even average in speed.

Airtel is flooding me with spam calls. And spam sms's. I got insurance salesman, etc calling me everyhour. And I did not know you start roaming when you cross states!!!

Bus drivers wont stop to let you take pictures. :P yeh yeh I asked...I tought he would let me since he was happy to hear Malaysia stories from me.

I have thus far not seen a train, how did I miss it?! This is India!!!

Two times already, a police man hopped on my auto for a ride to his station. Grrr. Yeate aiya taking shortcuts from his work with wrong methods.

Its raining here in Bangalore now.

Food in Bangalore is good, too good. :)

The Kingfisher flight was ok. Im watching aircrash investigations on NatGeo. :p


Solitaire said...

Enjoy maadi!

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

Yup raining in Benguluru indeed...swalpa adjust madi (drwing inspiration from solitaire here)..use that phrase, it wrks like a magic wand in Blore!

Ghost Particle said...

[sneha] wuts maadi?

[akshaya] whats maadi? hehehe :P I think the cab driver said that a few times...he was talking kannada to me all the way. :D

swalpa adjust madi.

hey thanks for coming :)

tulipspeaks said...

how many days in Bangalore?


Nahuatl said...

Maadi means buddy... that's wht i learnt from my Blore friends :)

Airtel and Citibank are registered buggers. Have fun!

Ghost Particle said...

[ammu] dunno yet la...

[nayan] ahha! chill maadi...Chill buddy? LOl.

yeh man...grr airtel.

gautami tripathy said...

If you get condescending towards Indian and India, you will become a real ghost. I will see to it...

Princess said...

hi GP,

Power cuts are indeed very very irritating..

Enjoy the times in India.


Ghost Particle said...

[gautami] grrr...where in here did i say anything detrimental? i love this country more than anything, if not i wont try to travel and juggle 10 different clients at the same time isnt it? And im an Indian...why would I say anything bad about Indians? read the post again please sistah! :p

[princess] hello hello :) thank you :) how r u?

Chriz said...

Did I get 2 1/2 hours younger by coming to India? :D
loved that line
and regarding kingfisher airlines.. they are laying off their air hostesses.. we should stop this injustice

Chriz said...

thanks for coming to page bro... keep coming

Cinderella. said...


Nayan is making gud fool outta you. 'Madi' means 'do' in kannada..not buddy !!!

LOL !!!!

Ghost Particle said...

[chriz] :D thx bro.

Theyre doing that? man...and I tought the guy is a billionaire something. so much for dumping money into F1, now ppl are loosing jobs. im trying to get the cheapest to fly actually, hence KF.

no prob bro, you write well. :)

[Cindy] wait now im confused...how do i use the word actually?

Pauline said...

Sharing in your happiness!!!

Miladysa said...

You read ALIVE Ghosty! :-D

d gypsy! said...

in delhi? whats next stop? keep me informed!!!

Ghost Particle said...

[pauline] thanks so much Pauline :)

[milady] I am LOL!

[neha] definitely will :) in Bangalore now.

Akshaya Kamalnath said...

ha ha u use it in the contexts we've provided:)

venus66 said...

Happy travelling. Take care.

Anonymous said...


Ghost Particle said...

[akshaya] lol....ok i will. so far everyone seems to know Tamil here too. hemm. :D

[venus] thank you so much :)

[veens] :)

kG said...

Do you know one thing I complete love about Indian advertising? The boys they use. In everything. On everything. About everything. beautiful beautiful boys. Everywhere.


Nahuatl said...

I don't know Kannada.. and I don't know what maadi means.

So... use your brain and stop the harassment. :)


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