Sunday, September 21

Wind Divers

*higher contrast

Indran, in the background are fishing boats returning to the jetty, at around 6.30 pm.

Mountains give me life.

[#] my first ever photo trip with the new D60...i think it turned out ok. Still haven't read the manual!!!! :P and the dark pictures are still plaguing I need more of something to make the pics turn balanced and bright. HELP ME! :D
[#] Btw, pics are not proccesed (except the one marked), jst resized. If anyone wants a bigger sized snap of any of the photos here, jst leave a comment.

Travelers: Indran, Kumar, Vj and Ghost


Miladysa said...

Great - well done :-D

More please!!!

All but one of the photographs look like they could have been taking in the UK - this surprised me.

vatsal said...

Nice pictures...try increasing exposure...:-P...neways i need all of the pics if u can send me ...thanks in advance ...if u want i can retouch the images and post back to you.

Jeevan said...

Loved the small grass buds and blue mountains! Bro u can adjust the pictures and clear darkness through Photoshop :)

Pecos Blue said...

You can feel the moist air. Nice shots.

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] :) then I am living in UK? hehehehe.... more to come from different worlds. :) hugs MIlady.

[vatsal] ur mail. thx.

[jeevan] hehe..thx nanba. yes, finally it ends up in photoshop one way or another.

[pecos] they do have life dont they, :). snapshots of life and times. thx.

venus66 said...

Wonderful shots. Nature is beautiful.