Friday, September 12

What happened next...

It's been 7 years since the 9-11 tragedy. Considering so much that happened after the events, what is still vivid is how the Internet is still commanding the definite retrospective guide of memories of it. If my own memories are still correct, I was online in the computer lab reading Yahoo news breaks when the plane hit. The news was updated probably about 10 minutes after the first plane hit, it was 9 pm here then, 12 hours difference from NY. What first appeared as 'plane reported to have hit the wtc' slowly over the hour changed into a major accident to the days to come as a terrorist attack. All the homes are tuned in to CNN or BBC, even in restaurants who went from their default sports channels to the news channel. And then those stupid ads in the newspaper by the local cable company inviting subscribes with the tagline 'you watched it here first, now get the full package for 24hrs of news reporting' or something like that.

More than that actually, the world politics have changed, international students were stranded everywhere, airports closed. Even lab equipments and chemicals take 6 months to a year to be cleared and reach the universities. Satellites and other sensitive equipments are categorized as weapons and controlled items for import export (what I gathered from one of my job interviews with a sat station, not sure if its a new ruling).

Frankly, everything around the world changed, the rules changed and the amount of spying and snooping your records increased tremendously. It becomes clear if you can see that every phone call is monitored, everyone is an enemy, that's how the world changed. We really don't know what is right or wrong, but we have to acknowledge the fact that every country has the rights to defend itself. Through fear or something else, everyone 'had asked' to be unwillingly put in their places.

What legacy remains, I'm not sure for how long though, but whatever remains in memories will eventually be forgotten. Just like the Sunday morning protests, then anti-war campaigns, our voices are no match for the political powers. To see the histories from a' cleaner' perspective, just follow the money trails, see who profits from these markers in human history. Many answers can be unraveled. 9-11 had many believers in the early years, but right now the skeptics and conspiracy theorists outnumber them. There can be no more positive spin to this event, only the negatives sell. We have to wonder how differently the world would have reacted if the tragedies were to happen elsewhere. But look no further than how Iraq has been decimated to sell news. The world is moving too fast for people to stop and take notice. Just like any major anniversaries, this too shall be forgotten tomorrow. That's what history has taught us. Only the affected will light a candle today, only the ones in pain will remember the day.

God Bless everyone because it somehow dawned today that many more people gave their lives compared to the ones who perished that morning. But none shall be forgotten. In every tragedy, every day, every second. Everyone's a survivor, live life and learn to love it. :)


Solitaire said...

Brilliant post. But are you sure those memories will eventually perish? I think we are constantly reminded of the tragedy, just like you did.

Ghost Particle said...

[sneha] probably we will be left with a few, now and then. Its all going back to the folklore style of telling stories, making sure history remain. maybe we will just be overwhelmed by all the suffering that we will jst ignore the days and live just for the moment.

i think the special thing is that we will remember it, maybe a few million or a few hundred million because it touched us in different ways.

thx da. :)

Miladysa said...

A very honest post Ghosty.

[BTW, I love the header photograph}

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] thx milady, yah its nice right. took it while driving :P

gautami tripathy said...

Ghosty, change your blog template to a lighter shade. This hurts my eyes.

And what a post. Come read mine. You gonna love it too. In a macabre way.

Villainy is not the right word

Miladysa said...

What is that building Ghosty? It looks very interesting and I like that green glow :-D

Leni Qinan said...

Right, Ghost. We saw death live that day and the world certainly changed.

I think the victims and those affected are reminded. That memory, 7 years later, is not as shockingly vivid as the real images, but they're not forgotten.

I would highlight 2 brilliant and lucid statements from this post:

"We have to wonder how differently the world would have reacted if the tragedies were to happen elsewhere."

Right, and very sadly.

"Everyone's a survivor, live life and learn to love it"

Unfortunately, I witnessed closely the 3/11 2004 bombings in Madrid I felt I was a survivor. Every day we should learn to love life a bit more.

A lesson since 9/11.

PS.- Read Gautami's post. He is right, you're gonna love it, just like I did five minutes ago. :)

Ghost Particle said...

[gautami]ive always used a black template :( i was thinking of going with less color soon. :P

am reading now. thx!

[milady] thats a Hindu temple Milady. Yes, they always have this green light in the superstructure. I wonder why.

[leni] yes, they will never be forgotten, unless we choose to. that wont happen.

//Unfortunately, I witnessed closely the 3/11 2004 bombings in Madrid I felt I was a survivor. Every day we should learn to love life a bit more.
// im so glad you are ok, and im so happy that you can share it with us. innocent lives are lost, because of fear mongers who wants to see the world burn. we can stop it, we will. thats why we can think of all this, and remember it and share it. to learn and teach.

Im reading her post now.

hugs :)


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