Saturday, September 20


a late phone call yesterday...
hey...did you know, Tesla died a miserably lonely death. Yes...i read him once. And? And...what? I know you are trying to equate something here, but I don't understand it. Don't go when you are not ready. I will never know when I'm ready. And he is Tesla, he never did die! We shall see. I'm just another one in the mass, the world prevails. Save that for when we meet, wont do justice over the phone. Ok, but its good to know that you thought about this as much as I did, never figured you would care. The hints were there for like what...years now? Heh!


Cinderella. said...

Bhai jane has a ques for ya.

Crystal.. said...

Phone call?

Weird hai bhai. :0

Anonymous said...

nope this one is tad bit difficult.

I read it like 3 times.

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] m there da. :)

[crystal] hahahah...its supposed to b cell phone call... anyways...i get this all the time im into something where i seem to b lost.

[veens] temme what u dont understand? :)


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