Wednesday, September 10

Superstar Particles and the End of The World (Maybe)

First beam fired! Woohoo!
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Wait...what the...the world did not end, everyone still here. sigh :-(

It's been more than 3 years since I last wrote anything on the Large Hadron Collider, LHC. The ATLAS detector was still being built then, 2005 was the International Year of Physics and there wasn't much fanfare regarding the LHC at all. That is until tomorrow...where the world might end, or some real physics gets done.

And here we go, tomorrow (Sept 10 at CERN, Geneva) the first attempt to circulate a beam around the LHC will take place, which I fail to understand how it could destroy existence in the first place, because the first collision of two beams, or at a target isn't even scheduled until the 28th of October. So everyone still has good time left to do what you love, quit your jobs, etc and wait for the world to end.

What does LHC do or create? For that, we have to go through 1000 pages of Particles and Fields of Phys Rev D. I lost it at the first few chapters years ago, so we better not for the moment. Basically the LHC is a particle physics experiment aimed at discovering the superstar particles; Higgs Boson (the ghost particle :P now you know where the nick came from), gravitons, magnetic monopoles, deciphering energy fields, the CP violation, and earth destroying black holes. The physics is pretty exciting, the experiment itself is huge, its expected to generate 15 million Gigabytes of data annually!!! and the whole mechanism and how the experiments will be executed is well laid down on the web. So head on to the links and have fun.

[+] CERN
[+] LHC Outreach (~laymen info)
[+] LHC Grid Computing
[+] LHC At Home

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Ghost Particle said...

okay, the Ghost Particle, is originally attributed to the unknown particles of physics, in recent times they have the name to neutrinos, and it used to be for the Higgs Boson.

Donnnnn said...

My learned colleague Vicus Scurra has been going on about this for some time now.

As I understand it, these twats are going to tear a new arse in the space/time conitnuum and start a chain reaction that will cause the sub-atomic structure of our planet to unravel.

In answer to your next question, Yes, I have put my affairs in order.

Pauline said...

We have so much to learn of our immediate environment it always confuses me that we "Can't see the tree in the forest" that said, I can appreciate the exploration of science and man's need to satisfy his curiosity. Why he cannot seek solutions to our nearer needs is my puzzlement. Big hug my friend :)

Ghost Particle said...

[donn] donn ji, u understood well. well i kind wanna c that happen, it will b a great sight. all the noisy kids around my apartment gets sucked into the void...mwahahaha!

man, on another note, if this really happens, i will miss the trip to wateverpeg my friend. :) :P

[Pauline] it is true Pauline, old school science seems so distant now. This big experiments, billions of dollars spent, the resources itself is mind boggling. but thats where science has came too. Id rather say, Cern is not a white elephant like the ISS. It will promote the cause of physics, etc. But I also do believe this will be among the last of the big sciences of the western world. The political will and peoples will prevails over the decision to spend money. China and Japan will spearhead a new front in big sciences, if any.

Our immediate environment is a political jungle, only politicians play scientist, we are still on the street, our voices unheard. we are ultimately doomed to live our histories. Then we will stand again.

I wonder what Einstein would have said about all this. :)

Hugs Pauline!

Jeevan said...

It seems a greatest experiment in physics ever! I wish this success or lose not affect lives on earth.

Recently I read an article there was an project to come in Nilgiris here, it sounds an experiment where a huge and deep tunnel to create inside Rock Mountains in Mudumalai wildlife sanctuary to study the important and fundamental questions on the exist of universe using neutrinos, which project face a strong objection from wildlife and environment enthusiastic.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] i think we all will be safe nanba. Lets all hope today goes well.

Yes, neutrino experiments are always done underground, or deep in mountains to shield off electrons and cosmicrays from affecting the experiment. It doesnt do anything to the environment, except maybe the project itself maybe destroy the ecosystem. neutrino's pass through us every second, we never feel it. Its 'generally' mass-less. But neutrino's hold mighty secrets :)

Cinderella. said...

I just had the chance of reading a big article on this whole thing. Lets hope everything turns out well..and I stay alive to see one more weekend...sigh...

Ghost Particle said...

[cind] im really liking this end of the world thing. it will be really cool if the violations will make ppl disappear one by one...u kno like blip blip blip or like bubble bursting. man that wud be so nice.

yeskarthi said...

Universe collapsing? WTF.
But this is dream come true for me.

Ghost Particle said...

[karthi] yes it is :) they finally did it.

Miladysa said...

You know when I watched/listened/read this on the news today I thought of you :-D


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