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Evening Rain

I realized last night was the last time I'm sleeping in this apartment. Since yesterday I'm telling everyone, this is the last time I'm going to use this road, this is the last time im taking this stairs, this is the last time I'm going to see this plant... sigh...

There is like 12 hours left and I'm still working with 3 deadlines left to cover.

My Wifi ID is 'Ghost_Wifi', hence now we know how the ghosts came about to my apartment.

V: r u confused GP?
Ghost Particle: yes
V: how long u r confused?
Ghost Particle: 29 years
V: smart answer

Suddenly backpacking is not backpacking anymore when the packed bags are jumbo sized and you have like a dozen 'excellent' contacts already waiting for you :( or :)

Haven't read the camera manual yet, shooting blind. Leaving the tripod behind.

Haven't been able to give a straight answer to the question of: 'Why are you going there?'

Don't know who is happy and who is not that I'm leaving now.

Apparently there is only ONE Tamil song that i've been torturing my car stereo with for the past 2 1/2 months.

And how did I cover 10000 km in 2 1/2 months while still be working 18 hours a day? I'm going to miss Niki.

How do you choose just 3 books out of 300?

Vista is killing me, why on earth can't I install XP on the Studio? :(

I'm worried sick about Internet over there.

Havent even emailed most of the friends about this trip.

It's raining heavily here. A good sign. I love rain.

Ipod Nano's are too damn thin.

Remember once I dissed Facebook's 'free translation' effort? Well guess what? Yep, you who knows me well, yes that is what did happen.

I'm asking myself: Wait, tell me why again? and I answered to myself...I dont know.

Some idiot is carrying 1.5 TBytes of data tomorrow coz hes scared of everything going blank!

Clients dont understand the words: 'Holiday', 'Extension', 'May I...', 'Please consider', 'Maybe I can...later'. So I'm going to shut of the mail and put a vacation reply. Yep.

I shall stop now and finish my work.

Hugs to all, will reply tomorrow.

oh...wish me luck :)


Cinderella. said…
HUgs bhai !!!!

Chuck all the questions n just follow your heart this moment. This will fall in place. They will. Yes.

Goodluck !!!!
Karthi said…
A warm Welcome!
venus66 said…
Wish you good luck. May God Bless you. I wish I know what is exactly happening to you. If you do not mind. Thanks. Take care.
Jeevan said…
That must be pleasure beginning a wishful move. Welcome bro :)))
Nahuatl said…
No worried of internet. Come home.
d gypsy! said…
India trip....

whats up? lemme know on gtalk... :)
Leni Qinan said…
Good luck Ghosty!
Moving is always stressful. Changes are too. Holidays are cool anyways. Take it easy and -again- good luck!
Stupidosaur said…
Good Luck (since you have some excellent contacts to meet) and happy holidays too!

(Now did I misundertsand something, or both the above are actually happening?)
Veens said…
dontcha worry... whateve...follow yur heart :)

take care!
Miladysa said…
Good luck Ghosty!!!

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel, read only a page."

Saint Augustine
Ghost Particle said…
[pallavi] thanks so much da. hugs. it will fall in place, that much im sure. :) thank you.

[karthi] thank you karthi, :)

[venus] Hi Venus, i came to India :D that was the big thing actually. a change, a better one. thank you so much.

[jeevan] thank you nanba. hope to c u soon.

[nayan] thx bro. got it now. hehehe.... I AM feels so good. :)

[neha] yes yes yes :P

[leni] thank you leni. :) it is true that we move alot of nonphysical things as well. it is cool and chaotic jst the way I like it :D hugs.

[stupidsor] thank you bro. its going to be one long holiday, I hope. :D

the excellent contacts - before u say u wanna one believes, bt when they finally got the proff...i found like a dozen ppl wanting to help me. bt then i prefer friends who I know :) so here i am hahaha...

both and many more are happening :)

u know...ur stupid and im an idiot...we mst meet bro. what say u?

[veens] thats what I did :) and here I yam :) thx!

[milady] great words milady. shall cross paths with legends, or their memories. that is the greatest of things. :)

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