Saturday, September 13

Something about love

There's something about love that makes us want to live it over and over again. Keep going back to the moments and seconds, to the days when we were lost in a beautiful place. The times where everything seems to have fallen in place. Just like opening a good book, again and again over the years. Love might not wait that long, but it does feel the same. Something so refreshing and gives you the life that you much need. Love must be expressed. Not saying it will leave you in despair, saying it will bring uncertainty. And when it comes to letting go, its means lying to ourselves because we are denying something that we have built, something that has happened and something that has indeed started. Its murder.

Something about love that makes you want to live forever. Even if its in memories only. Or something that makes you want to die over and over again to make it happen the right way. I choose to die, that way I can see new worlds.

~A beautiful composition from IR

Uravukal Thodarkathai


Jeevan said...

nanba u have an award waiting in my blog, do check :)

Nahuatl said...

saying it will bring uncertainty
BS! Uncertainty comes from expectation, not from expression.

And when it comes to letting go, its means lying to ourselves because we are denying something that we have built, something that has happened and something that has indeed started. Its murder.

Don't act hero. You talk as if you haven't hurt anyone before.
Its survival game; and the better one survives. Are you going to be better one or the dumb ultra sensitive guy?

I am still around. I'll talk to you when you understand the procedure of making decisions and start acting on them.

Ghost Particle said...

[jeevan] thx nanba. i really appreciate that. made a big difference, and especially reading about Karthik again.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] everyone wishes to build their own worlds, thats how expectations, ego, heroes come alive. a moments burst of emotions will mean something to someone bro. but you know whats worst than all this...its not knowing. thats the worst. its ending everything not knowing, that is the worst feeling ever anyone can have. no amount of the real world, no amount of open sky can make you better.

i know what you are saying, I understand what you are saying. And it is true this time that I understand.

yes i did hurt a few, those are mistakes I will relive. Maybe this is one too. But that doesnt make a difference if u leave someone in an empty room and asking him to evolve. Bt that is itself a ur defition thats a good move, a good start.

Knowing ur here is good enough for me. Ive said this before, ill say it again, it will get better. I trust that much. Hope to see you real soon, you know where and how. And dont close the doors if I come knocking :)

Miladysa said...

"What the world needs now is love sweet love... that's the only thing there is just too little of."

Love makes the world go round Ghosty :-D

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] then we never stop loving...even in the end. :)

Nahuatl said...

I don't understand whatever you said.
Stop ranting in comments at least

Leni Qinan said...

Love is a powerful addictive drug. So beautiful to live and so painful to lose.

You're very right, love must be expressed. We have to open our hearts to our loved ones and get their feelings too. After all, it's a fair interchange of feelings and the constant wish to make the loved person happy.

Love needs a constant care, and it's tough work to keep the flame burning over the years. This is how true love survives.

Sorry to read it's hurting you. You may choose to die, Ghost, but you will come back to life one day.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] This is not a rant.

Its time you learn to understand it. its bare, its easy. ive build a world (my writings) where i can show who I am. and that world has all the characteristics; expectations, ego, etc. whats so hard to understand about that. Everything is true about me here.

bt i fail to make ppl see me and accept this is the real me.

the hurt part, I dont know what else to say. what else do you want me to say?

[leni] thanks for you kind comments. It is very true that its felt by everyone at one moment in their lives.

yes leni, dying will only force us to relive the moments. the best solution maybe to jst accept the facts. the pain is there because im lost. very much lost.

Nahuatl said...

dude! if you can't make other's understand, its not their fault.

You understand better. I don't, because I am not at your level. You can make me understand better by lifting me up to your level and make me see it.

If I can't see it, its because you haven't got success in lifting my brain level up! Try harder and stop asking others what to do. Understand?

How the eff do I know? You figure.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] yep its not their fault. i said someone might understand right?

there is no different or higher level to this.

there was once this professor of mine told me physicists think at a different level, i told him I don't think so. transcendence is lifting your life to a different level, no use only having the brain migrate. :D

nah im not asking for solutions much, its always the question to myself that I ask, and also the feedback to the questions that I use.

no one is there to hold ur hand to guide you every step of the way. There is only opening doors and let ur self knowledge and self learning to do the rest.

thx bro.

manisha said...

hi .... i went thru ur rants and raves ....dont know u much but this is what i feel like saying ....
u need to take the good and move on ....u can cherish it .....but do not expect to get it back ....coz it will never happen .... u might not get the person like her again.
but u never know wht happens the best things is take the good leave the bad and move ahead w/o expecting anything or anyone to come ur way .... if u get someone then u r blessed otherwise it aint to be .... atleast u need to accept the situation in totality ... otherwise u will keep on being restless ....and the vicious circle will never end ....

nayan says ...: mites bug u in the night ..... if u feel restless u know why ......

Ghost Particle said...

[manisha] thank you so much for the words, coming from you I respect it so much.

Its a tough time trying to understand why it is happening, and tougher to face the reality of what wont happen.

I will move on, I did. Bt the ghosts of the past, however near it is will continue to eat me. Letting go might be possible, but my intense state of mind, the paths and worlds that i go through will not let me do so. Maybe never. I will walk ok, bt moving away will prove a challenge. If there is one thing I can do, its to turn back time. Maybe some good will come out of it.

I feel like a beast going after a beauty and that I have no rights to do so. I cant accept the fact of 'no rights' to do so. Being at my age, thriving and dying in challenges and problems, how could I even accept the facts such as that. I want to live in a colorless world, bt fate wont let it be. Meeting someone as intelligent and as independent and as brave as her, it makes me wonder why the world jst dont let good things happen. It did not let it happen. Lets jst see where this world will take my affection, to whom it may show. I might not accept it, loyalty has always been a principle, bt life is short for me to stop right now.

There are many who faced this, many who did not survive, many who are worst than me. I should be grateful for all I have, and everyone I have around me. Far and near, they complete my life. God will smile on them, history will remember.

Like you said, take the good and move on. Thats what I will do. Probably Nayan told you what im going to do soon right? :) Lets see a new world open up.

Nahuatl said...

I had a big laugh when I read your last comment.

Do you realize how many 'but's you say in one single comment? huh?
Almost, 90% of sentences have 1 but in them.

Do you know what it means?

Try it. Count.

Manisha said...

the buts keep on butting in ...
and if the word if isn't there ...

whose buttt ... :D

it is up to u to make ur world colourful or colourless ... or be like the colour white ...which at times reflect all the colours of rainbow.....

there is a practice and theory that i follow ....i.e. if one cries ...someone will come once or twice ...or might not also .... but then if u can look beyond that and be happy and attract ppl with ur openness and calm state .... then u will be happy .... be happy and others will be attracted to u ....
no one is above self.....

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] damn...yes it does. that means running around in circles. :)

[manisha] thats true. i like your perspective. to see what we trully are, we mst jst be us. ill do that. ill be silent and calm. :) im being open minded about all this, i know whatever is done is done. the rest time will heal. the next, someplace new will heal. :)

oh and take my anxiety pills, that will make me calm for now heh.


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