Wednesday, September 3

Shards / Comic - Love / Words


slowly digging through
vivid regoliths of the mind
only to find
shards of sharp judgments
poking every second
for every reason you have
welcoming you to reality
telling you to get over it
or just die



on other days
I see people
collecting jokes
from the scapes
for their own use
to be thrown
at others
as mockery

just wish
they know more
about the pain of others
who are unfortunate enough
not to be able to re-scale their minds
or control its intensity
to receive such jokes
from passerbys
as just words
and it repeats



and i asked
till the day dawned
and a new morning was born
will she ever come
will they ever come
will she ever come back
and he answered
*she comes back to leave again
coz i haven’t changed
and she has not started yet
and I wait
for another lifetime


*words from nayan, thx bro.


there are words
that im searching
waiting ever so hopefully
to fall from the sky
so that I can convince
them to extend deadlines
but all seems futile
as today their minds
are on holiday
and their fingers can only
spread agony



Nahuatl said...


More than your poems I was admiring the design and patterns :D

Flowing words form a kite.. not the bird, stupid :P

Cinderella. said...

Amazing !!!

And I think Nayan is right.

Leni Qinan said...

Well, I did like the poems, not only the design and pattern, lol.

I find it very hard to write poetry; I admire you, you're versatile and talented. ;)

Nahuatl said...

Oh well.. thank you there Cinderella!

GP.. I saw a movie about you.. wall....e!? :PPP

Nahuatl said...

boy! u r famous!

Kavi said...

as today their minds
are on holiday
and their fingers can only
spread agony

Touched me deep. In the days of email acting as a defence shield, everybody seems to be firing from behind those sheilds !

gautami tripathy said...

That first one has a depth of emotion..

You know what I mean.

And believe I understand it too well....

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] a cool lookin falcon bro. :) thanks as always.
Yes, Cindy is the wise one. and u r not a Wall-e... ur jst a Wall! a graffiti borrow ur words. :p

and 3 damn years!!!! where do we even begin?! from Cyprus to Pune and a million light years across centuries. :)

[cindy] training to become a preacher. :D

[leni] hahahah....nayan is a dreamer. bahahaha...probably hes too distracted by the gals that he doesnt read the poems. :P

thanks so much for the comment. im trying to leave it loose, so that i can work on it to make it better at a diff time. :)

[kavi] very true bro, we can never be sure. i cant feel emotions from ppl in office, the same emotions that I can readily feel and live when friends are sending the messages. thx.

[gautami] Yes I know gautami. Thx for the msg, and the words. Of euphoria and silence. :)

Nahuatl said...

" a cool lookin falcon bro"
Really? Go and dig wikipedia again for other meanings. Villager.

"Cindy is the wise one"
That I know. You shud learn something from her.

"u r not a Wall-e... ur jst a Wall! a graffiti wall"
I hope someday someone throw bricks at you taken from this wall.

"and 3 damn years!!!! where do we even begin?! from Cyprus to Pune and a million light years across centuries"
You had to spill the beans right now, don't you? You just can hold your horses... like your damn.. urghh!

"[cindy] training to become a preacher. :D"
?!!! WTF?
Dare you spread bad words about me.

"[leni] hahahah....nayan is a dreamer. bahahaha...probably hes too distracted by the gals that he doesnt read the poems. :P"
Ya.. what to do! Your readers have such beautiful pix.. sigh! Narcissist me.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] ooookay city dumbo. ive a falcon is a bird of prey also.

Im learning alot from her. Living the lives of others make us grow. :)

do you realize, u bugger, u jst wrote a freakin high philosophy, poetic thing here. damn! this is good. its mine btw, since its written on my wall. :D

hahahahaha...k k a couple months...b cool man.

preacher man... we can make loads of money here. Bt u must first choose which religion u want, The Escapeons or Gautamist.

Lol...ALL my readers are beautiful souls, its shows in their writings...and their kindness. :)

Nahuatl said...

"The Escapeons or Gautamist"

Hemmm.. that is one tough question.

An Escapeon is relatively recently found entity though he claims to have crossed half century (veryyy doubtful when he talks about treks and trolls). But he has got humour that i am fond of.

But I shud be loyal to being a Gautamist as i've knows her for about 3 yrs now (nearly same as yours).. though she doesn't recognize me ;)

Hemmm.. dilemma! Whaddya say, Mowgli?

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] suddenly sword fighting makes good sense. hmmm...

Nahuatl said...

No thank you.
I wud stick to javelins.

My pleasure.

Ghost Particle said...

Javelins...bah. A fight is a fight, ill take up archery. I understand ur point, from far away, we escape pain. :D

Nahuatl said...

"You can't escape pain even when you are far away." :D

Wait till my spears hit you.. :P

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] metaphors n more of it. :D who can evade spears if not the ghost or the particles that make up the person. :P

Cinderella. said...

What on earth is happening ?!

Bhai me thinx you better get down that long spooky ladder you on, since quite a while now....listen to the javelin guy, wouldja ?

@ Nayan : Why dontcha just hurl that javelin at him, and bring him to senses ? He couldnt even understand what you said about the WallE thing !!!

He just chumma keeps sayin he's learning. Thats just a paradoxical mirage he's reveling himself for the time being one instant, and in the unpredictable next he will be back to his you-know-what-self !!

LOL !!

Miladysa said...


Did Nahuatl - the designs and patterns are wonderful :-D

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] aaaaa! i perfectly understood the Wall-e thingy. grrr...nayan stop influencin ppl. I might be Wall-e and wall-e is the good robot...hence...watever happens in the end, im still d good guy. there u go. watever that means. sigh.

ladder kinda shaky u kno, bt where is the thrill in life if u dont destroy u mind once in a while.... :)

[milady] thanks Milady...patterns make words come alive.

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy / nayan] I was thinking...yeh yeh...rare indeed...but i was thinking.

is this the 'handsomer, richer and nearer' logic? Wall-e is multipurpose u know. wth a big big big robotic heart.

Nahuatl said...

hehehehe... yeah! woohoo!

Everybody... come over to my side =)
Lets tie a string to the tail of this ghost and use him as a kite (I still make sense.. wonderful!) x-P

Damn!! You are so right!
This troll needs some whacks to come to senses.

Thank you dear! How are you doing?
Its been years since we talked... if you rememeber me at all. :)

You keep on hanging/sticking to the wall, you gecko. Somebody, please take the ladder away from this mofo

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] riiiight.... clinging is an exemplary human behavior. no one lives without doing it. no one. in some worlds, they give awards for best clinging. gecko's are marvels of evolution. remember bro, leaders and fighters :)

Nahuatl said...

Have you even seen wall-e, azzol?
You have been misleading ppl with fake reviews of your own..

Big big heart. My left toe.

You definitely got big empty box on your shoulders.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] ok, my AI interpretations, u dont understand. i didnt wtch it yet...bbd did and hence the review dumbo. i got like 60 dvd's lined up...go figure. :P

u didnt capture the essence of the movie dude...its not about yearning, or hoping blindly. its about being who u are. thats the definite meaning.

Leni Qinan said...

Hey Ghosty!

Ooh Nayan is a dreamer... (*smiles a big smile and her eyes glow*).
Good to know! This gives him a slightly romantic touch to his sometimes cynical, sometimes tender, sometimes cranky remarks.


You don't look like a preacher to me. Not at all, lol. (you better look at the gals, hahah)

Take care with those javelins and spears, guys. You might get hurt.


Nahuatl said...

I replied to you, Leni :)
ya..I look at gals only... not others ;P

And yeah, I have a better side. Just that when someone even mentions GP, I start looking for my club.

Jeevan said...

wonderful poem, waiting needs more patients.

Ghost Particle said...

[leni] nayan is a big clown. :D

romantic...urgh...ur on ur own remember im ur agent should any bolly company calls. :p

we're going to try fencing. better than punching or throwing a javelin and getting hurt. summore i cant get my translators fingers hurt. :D


[nayan] bahahah! :D ppl love me. man...I love this life :p

[jeevan] bro, as always ur wisdom and words are honest and it will come true. hugs.

mystic rose said...

I read this a couple of days ago, I remember. An interesting layout, I thought. and very from the heart.


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