Monday, September 15


The benefits of being youths living in a lawless world is that, when we see a door... we can kick it open or break it down. But is there still a risk of people saying that we are irresponsible? When we are just trying to open the doors to opportunity, in a society trying to cement such doors shut.


venus66 said...

Thank you for coming by. Appreciate your kind words. Sometimes I wonder if God has eyes and ears.

ANNA-LYS said...

Provoking thought, indeed! :-)

Ghost Particle said...

[venus] thank you for what you shared. sometimes we need to go through the hardest part of life to understand that beyond that are great days and moments, great life, great people. Ive learned alot.

God jst lets things go on, happen as it was to happen. He is compassionate, he gives back in other ways. Stay strong :)

Thank you again. Hugs.

[anna] Hi, been long :) and thank you for the words. ur blog is as amazing as ever. hugs.

Miladysa said...

I always wonder who society is?

Ghost Particle said...

[milady] that's a mighty good question.
i think in this case, society is the fear we are living in and not the mass of humanity. its fear that builds a wall. and the fear of what will happen when we face the wall that breaks people.

bt for rebels, they live in no fear. that way, they can go forward.


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