Monday, September 22

Perfections / Rainy Nights

i tried listening
in momentary silence
to the raindrops
bathing my isolated hut
deep in the forest

i noticed a rhythm
patterns permeating space
a connection between
the darkness, roof and me
with living sound waves

as the drops
blind to me
continued to caress
the flat spaces it touches
then the rhythms
still alive, turned
from mechanical to chaos
still refracting
from chaos to construct
still flowing
from construct to life
from the air to the darkness
from my ears to my eyes

the ground wet
from tiny streams and lakes
to puddles in the morning
but we still did
navigate adventures in dreams
on those small lake worlds
feeling as young
as yesterday.

~i came back late last night.
walking alone in the forest, under the beautifully painted milky way
the skies that belong to all us
to my place
hanging from the tall mountains
along with other scattered inhabitants of
marvelous journeys, taken and ended.
we rest here.
sharing bonfire stories.
as solitary lights, bathe them and then comes the rain washing them away.
day after day, at night, the universe is reborn. One dream at a time.

[#] when you close your eyes, and imagine a beautiful face, among the raindrops and finally you realize its the world itself that's reflected on the face, and that is the true beauty.


Leni Qinan said...

Everything has its charm, I think. And some faces reflect the world's beauty better than others.

I'm amazed at your previous post. I like the surrealistic plot -it's very descriptive and sugestive- and the sci-fi background. I've read it twice and I'd love to read it a third time. Keep them coming! (seriously, I liked it a lot!)

joaninha said...

and in the momentary silence I could listen to the beautiful poem you wrote, like the sweet raindrops in a very early morning bathing on the leaves of the trees...
I liked your poem very much.
best regards - isabel (joaninha)

Ghost Particle said...

[leni] thx for the comment leni. faces are amazing dont you think, we can jst look at millions and find a million different stories. amazing.

thx for reading it, heheh...i wish i can go back to those times, idea was at free flow. now work consumes my cells. :) will compile all one day. hugs n love.

[isabel] hugs isabel, hope u are fine. have been thinking about you, all will b well.

early morning droplets, gives so much flavor to life. :) hugs n love.

Mythily said...

Well written GP...

Vetrimagal said...

Young man , I am wondering how at such an young age you are is trying to reach such heights.. amazing!. This world has hopes of becoming a better place if more youngsters thought like you. Your parents are blessed people!

I peeped into your blogs through " reflection of mind" blog. I am not sure I can understand your thoughts fully. But I would like to, with your permission.

God bless you!

Miladysa said...

A very spiritual piece of writing Ghosty. I would call this a hymn.


Ghost Particle said...

[mythily] thanks da. :)

[vetrimagal] hello, welcome here. now, with this words, u have understood me very well. :) bt making the world a better takes time and efforts of many more people...not only the young ones.

no need to ask permission to know me, you are more than welcome to read my posts and ask anything you want. :)

god bless you too.

[milady] Thx Milady...i felt the connection too. from deep inside. its a strange bt wonderful feeling of being aware of the world and gods...

venus66 said...

How so beautiful. Thank you for sharing it here.


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny