Friday, September 12

of travelling

When In Doubt...Travel!


Mythily said...

Doubt abt wat GP?

thesignedphotograph said...

Good philosophy! :)

Ghost Particle said...

[mythily] about anything :) hugs n have a nice weekend.

[anna] exaclty...and u r travelling arent you...hence are you in doubt! :p doesnt work the other way around. hugs n have a nice weekend.

Solitaire said...

To where?

Ghost Particle said...

[sneha] I would say...where your car takes you.

But really its where ur heart takes you. Ive ventured into roads that I didnt want to go before and found life there. Im having a much better, positive outlook on 'just going there'...its a beautiful world out there with beautiful people. :)

hugs and have a safe weekend.


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