Thursday, September 18

Of Songs

Something reminded me of the good old days, where did all the cool songs go...?


Ghost Particle said...

finally i dont have to post youtubes...:D how lazyness can make something easy, happen only after a few years!!!

Donnnnn said...

Do they have a decent selection? The thing about Youtube is that just about everything under the sun has been uploaded by shutins and dweebs.

Goodsong..more of hymn really.

Ghost Particle said...

[donn] exactly donn ji. Music sites, video sites the internet is jst wasted man. Kinda reminds me of the Amex ad a decade or two ago in US... 'get a card, make a movie'...or something like that. So every doink with a lense and cmos uploads jst about everything.

Yeh...kinda like a hymn, It defined my teenage years...hemm...loved it, sang it like crazy then. i mst do a decent song post soon bout all the songs i requested frm the radio stations.

Kavi said...

Cool song !!!!

Absolutely !


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