Thursday, September 4

Of Knowing

Every single time I say I'm not having dinner, my mom would reply 'I'll leave the food on the table'...knowing every single time I say I'm not having dinner, I would definitely eat it.


Nahuatl said...

Go to her, hold her hand and tell her that you love her.

One day you're going to miss her GP. Everybody leaves.

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] reflections of reality seldom make me happy. of knowing she loves me, of knowing I cant be here to help her in everything/ or for most of the time...this is one thing time wont heal. shes the only person im not a rebel with. :)

ur words r true. thx brother.

d SINNER!!! said...


Kavi said...

Mothers know.
Sons know.

Mothers know that sons know.
Sons know that mother know.

Sometimes, they both dont know ! How much the other means to the other.

Thanks for sharing. It left a lump in my throat.

Balaji S Rajan said...


That is what mothers are! I have always wondered about mothers. God's wonderful creation are mothers. If at all I have another birth, and given an option, I would prefer to be a mother.

I have no words and blank... I have lot to say... but feel same like Kavi.

Pecos Blue said...

Nice to see you. I looked for you awhile ago and I am glad to see you again.

Jeevan said...

mom knows everything and it happens everywhere :)

Cinderella. said...

This is so like my mom ! Moms are such gems - dunno what life wuld have been without them.

You back to your old header ?

Mythily said...

Ur mom knows abt u and care for u...

Karthi said...

Adhu than pa, Thai pasam enbadhu.

Princess said...

how sweet moms are!
they always know what u need and what u'll do when u say something..

how r u GP?


Donnnnn said...

Weird eh?
I am curious, why would you keep insisting that you're not having dinner?
I sense a disturbance in the FORCE.

Leni Qinan said...

Yeah, moms are sweet and they know. That's a fact. I'm also curious about why would you keep insisting that you're not having dinner.

You know what that food on the table means... she cares for you (no diets, no special menus, dinner is served at... 7PM? You were late?)

What if you're hungry by 10PM? Well. Ghostie, you must have dinner. It's on the table. Your mom knew that and left it there for you. :))

A nice analogy drawn on unconditional motherly love. And on force, lol (she's still in charge, lol).

Yeah, moms are quite something!

Nahuatl said...

Donnnnn and Leni, GP is stuck in 'denial' mode from birth, a typical traits coming from Indian roots.

I'll write about it in more detail sometime =P

sangeeta said...

Hey there...i am good! and how r u

Ghost Particle said...

[dsinner] :)

[kavi] excellent words kavi, the connection and understanding, and the eventual searching. its all magic. :) if there is one soft spot, it should always be about mothers. there is no identity for us without them. thx.

[balaji] hello sir. what you said is so true, the experience of raising a family, the lifetime of knowing. thats what its all about. we have no explanations, bt we do have alot mote to learn. :) thx.

[pecos] i found u after so long. :) hope to visit more often. thx.

[jeevan] exactly, let us pray and appreciate for all we have. thx nanba.

[cindy] they are, and there is no life without them, how do we even start to think or start a day. there is so much in life to be know. yeh, im back to d old header. hehehe. more journeys ahead that is. hugs. :)

[mythily] thx, she does. there is only so many moment in life to appreciate them, one reason to be alive. thx. :)

Ghost Particle said...

[karthi] :) true sar. :) thx.

[princess] they always do, always know whats happening, when we're in trouble, much more. :)

im fine, how ar u? nice to c u writing again after the breaks.

[donnn] ahha! now, yes somehow im starting to hate dinners...ive stopped supper about 3 months ago. very rare. there is a disturbance, i dont know how to solve it. and its not the denial mode like what mrbollywood nayan is saying.

[leni] well, now :p they are incharge. as always. no 1. 8 pm is dinner, 11 is my usual scavenging the fridge time, coz somehow i get very hungry frm working, and knowing that there will be home food, rather than back at the apartment when i have to go buy food. its a bad habit, bt hemm...loosing weight! mwahahaha.

[nayan] shadap. its saturday, go wash ur car or something. go buy wine and cheese, go to the gym, oh...yeh salsa...masala...wat else dumbo?

[sageeta] haloe! hahaha....been long eh. im great, nice to know u r too. time to catch up reading. hope u come back often. thx.

[everyone] have a nice nice nice weekend. its been raining here like forever. and im lovin it.

Nahuatl said...

u r running out of ideas, GP!
Think fast or.. die!!! mwahahahahahaha

tulipspeaks said...

see.. she knows u r lying whenever u do!!!!


Ghost Particle said...

[ammu] huh! oooookaaaay...thats a different perspective.


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