Friday, September 12

of blogging

Read this brilliant article about blogging and writing and the mechanics of being prolific from Seth Godin's blog. I think everyone serious about blogging and figuring out ways to go forward should read this.
How often should you publish?

How many movies should you star in next year?

How many records should you release? How many songs should you write?

How many times a week should you post to your blog?

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rantravereflect/ jane said...

pretty interesting read: of frontlists n backlists!

however, i'm no too much into the technicality of gaining readers, i still believe good content n visibility through other blogs is the ace from your racket!

Miladysa said...

Whenever you feel like it :-D

Donnnnn said...

Cool Dude..if I ever get the opportunity (ie hide enough money in my mattress to take a few months off) to try doing that,
I a heartbeat.

I am soooo jealous but admirte him for Just Doing It!
Timing is almost everything in Life isn't it?

Ghost Particle said...

[jane] the concept is good. it might sound very technical, but the idea is very simple to apply. yes, good content always works. but we mst think long run if we were to gain anything from it.

[milady] thats a wise answer, when we like we write. :)

[donn] heheh donn, well why take a few months...jst take forever off. and yes u r right, timing and that lil bit of luck. it will be big :)

brocasarea said...

concept of that article is good!..thanks!:)


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