Sunday, September 7

Malaysian spends 11 months at depot for illegals

The Star: Malaysian spends 11 months at depot for illegals

SEREMBAN: Young mother M. Rajeshvari spent 11 agonising months at the Lenggeng Immigration depot for illegals – all because she could not recall her identity card number and was not fluent in Bahasa Malaysia.

The 22-year-old, who was six months pregnant then, was waiting for a relative at a coffeeshop in Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur, when a raiding police party asked to see her identification card. She could not because she had lost it. Worse, she also forgot the IC number.

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Kavi said...

Such horror stories permeate the air with pungent distaste.

When will we live in a world where human being is more important than a card with a number on it ?

Cinderella. said...

Bloody hell !!!

ID no. !! I am so happy I am an Indian.

Donnnnn said...

Why are 21st Century human beings still living there?
Which countries are propping up this Orwellian totalitarian regime anyway?
Sounds like a bad movie...what a terrible miscarriage of power.

Free The People!
Oops is your blog monitored?

Ghost Particle said...

[kavi, cindy, donn] its a world of fear, rule of fear and death of free will. freedom and liberation are just words. everything else are just lip service. numbered and tagged, 3rd world countries will never reach beyond their narrow political beliefs.

I believe so much that we should do away with ID cards and numbers, bt it is etched in the constitution to carry an ID card. profiling comes easy with it.

What Orwell meant for us to read, we are living it. freedom and human will, will prevail, but the time is longer.

Heh...maybe im monitored, as is with all bloggers in this country. sometimes its hard to see the powers that be failing to grasp the limitless possibilities of electrons. :)

small steps, small sacrifices.

Her child will grow up strong.

Aradhita said...

Hey there GP, nice to see you after my own long hiatus from the blog world!

Leni Qinan said...

Jeez, stupid bureaucrats! The world would be a better place without that irrational freaking control on people.

I've just seen in the news that a guy spent 13 years in prison in error. Justice doesn't work as it should, we're in the hands of people who think we're just a card number!

Solitaire said...

I really do not understand why everyone is mad about her being detained. An official document/identification is required no matter what. If all and everyone were allowed to stay in the country without any of that, how will we curb the growing terrorism? I know of Indian officials giving foreigners a hard time. What is so different here?

Ghost Particle said...

[aradhita] :) good to see you writing again...always wondered what the bloggers are doing now. hope you write more. thx for coming.

[leni] Yes, the fact that they selectively apply the process of law, or whats faulty at it to certain races and people is wrong. we'd probably think it only affects a few people until it consumes us as well. thx.

[sneha] hey, :)

Yes, not carrying an ID and not making a police report and applying for a new ID is wrong here. I was referring to why they did not send her to a hospital since she was pregnant, or even give a chance for the local Indian welfare service to find out more information of her background.
Whats worst in this case is that the local Indian community itself is not taking the effort to help single mothers before they get into trouble. its a small country, an ID is important, bt the authorities did not take effort to even check her thumbprint.


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