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Letters to Destiny

Why the sudden plans? I don't know actually, I wanted change. But that's what you've been talking for so long and you are still here. I am stuck, I think of many people. I have to think about many people. They define my life, that's why I'm stuck here. Why don't you think first of what you're asking, I mean what you want. What is there to think, another day is like another dagger into my heart, I cant even focus on what they are asking me to do. Leaving or creating my own space is my plan to overcome this. Don't talk nonsense, you're too young to make this kind of decisions.

They why didn't they let me do it earlier?
Maybe it's all for the good, maybe you're still here because of that. I am not blaming anyone, you know this and I know this. We've had this talk long before, I asked for my space and I took it because they were reluctant to give it. And how sure are you that you'll do good this time? I learned a lot from the past failures. It was a big one, we were there, and don't tell me we did not support you then. It was, but it would not have happened if my aspirations, my dreams were respected last time. We will go around in circles talking about those times, and you know it well. Then just let me go.

[#] Back to my style, another salvation, a big 10 short days. :)

[+] Bruce Chatwin, in his introduction to his last book 'What Am I Doing Here' wrote "The word 'story' is intended to alert the reader to the fact that, however closely the narratives may fit the facts, the fictional process has been at work".
[#] These are my stories and conversations, about me leaving the comforts of home and my circle, retold from memory.

[+] The Print version of Glossolalia Vol. 1:1 can be ordered now here [Glossolalia]


Cinderella. said…
Goodluck bhai ! All the good luck in the world.

Ghost Particle said…
[pallavi] thx da. all the paths are open, jst need the will to walk. lets see where it takes me.

Jeevan said…
Let the change bring a change, all the best bro :)
Leni Qinan said…
Life is a constant change, dear Ghosty.

You're in the good path: learning from past failures and struggling to improve (don't think everybody can do that) :)

Good luck with your new salvation, dear. Take care.
venus66 said…
Keep going. Will lead you to the right path. I like your writing style.:) Take good care.
Kavi said…
At all times, the greatest journeys begin with the first step..!

Journey on !
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] ur words give me courage nanba, it shall happen. thx :)

[leni] Thank you leni, as always, we mst go forward. And thats what Im doing. This time it will be good, it will answer questions of mine. Thank you Leni :)

[venus] thank you venus, i hope the path this time will be good. All the encouragements will help alot. :) writings are how we share our lives. thx.

[kavi] thx bro. we follow the footsteps of giants, we create paths, we find new paths. making it happen means everything in this world to us, to me. thank you sar!
Miladysa said…
Who Dares Wins Ghosty - Who Dares Wins!
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] yes they do :) no time for fear. :)

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