Tuesday, September 2

Into the Unknown

On some trips, I wished the 400 miles were 4000 miles instead. And the moments melt away from cities to small towns to villages and mountains to dense jungles. Occasional lights shining through solitary huts in the middle of isolation forests. On some of this trips I fall asleep and dream of vast scapes of land cleared, their soil laid barren with movers and machines building giant monuments. One vivid memory was a tower which I could not see the top, looked miles high with flying machines buzzing around it. And all around there was no single instance of a tree or plant. The monument builders sometimes looked at us, the passing buses and trains on a the seemingly never ending road. Their eyes were blank, glowing blue grey story machines of this huge task, erecting something for some god.

On another ride in torrential rain, across mountain ranges all I could see was grey scapes blending in the shades of green, of the giant trees standing majestically still in the crushing rain. And below them were critters and bugs of all sorts, sheltering and yet again looking at us in the vehicles. Fireflies dot the miniature sky each tree creates and they were observing stars and evolving. Maybe the bus was traveling back in time.

Many more days on the roads and paths where humans seems to thread less, time had stopped still until the next sentience pass through awakening such miracle images of monuments and mechanical beings walking lands that doesn't exist anywhere else. I closed my eyes every time, at every moment another creature stares at me. I slip into time travel and wake up in another journey or dimension. Those were the best days.

[#] My dreams are so much interesting than the real world :)
[+] I did write about this dreams in fiction in another story set [The Search For Jim Thompson]


venus66 said...

Nice adventure. Thank you for sharing.

Cinderella. said...

I wonder whats all this frequent posting about ?!


You havent been this frequent and so full of things to say in a long long time bhai !!! But anyway, you know this is beautiful.

Btw I feel all dreams aernt nice. The other day I dreamt of lions in my house !!!!


Leni Qinan said...

As a natural born daydreamer, I liked your dreams and am impressed at you vivid descriptions.

Reading them, I find it very easy to let my imagination picture these landscapes in my mind.

They're sometimes beautiful, sometimes strange, sometimes macabre, but always interesting.

Keep them coming. ;)

PS.- I'm having a look at The search for Jim Thompson. Nice to know you enjoy so much to write.

Nahuatl said...

i love it! being the jungle boy, its very obvious. you know it, don't you, Mowgli?

Ghost Particle said...

[venus] hey hey, welcome back. nice to read u once again. and thanks for the wonderful comments.

[cinderella] huh! waitdaminute... i always write alot right? or maybe...not...hemm u r right. im writing alot. bt not doing my real work. bahahah. thanks as always.

lion in da house...i can remember of only one song... :P thans girl...hope u r all ok.

[leni] leni thanks for 'living' this dreams...i had lots of them during the years...bt jst only started to write them. lots more to come. :) im always afraid of the strange ones, bt in the end t gives me more energy than ever to explore minds and the world.

thanks for trying out Jim. heh...it was cut in the middle actually coz i had no time to pursue it further. bt the idea is still here. :) tell me how u like it.

[nayan] sigh...brother of the jungle boy...u know me better... :p


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