Friday, September 19

Golden Years

we live in the same world
and your stories are the same as mine
the steps we take travel the same path
beautiful days dawn at the same time
fall colors create the same paintings
do we see the same sky?

[#] Ive purchased a DSLR recently, wonder what worlds it will reveal. Ive also used a few point and shoots along the years, but there is one snap that will forever remain the one I like most, my very first snap of a (late) sunset in Tanjung Dawai, Kedah, taken on a 3.2 mp Kodak Easyshare back in 2003...during my first ever photo trip. The poem is a repost.

Travelers: Vj, MJ, Ghost


Solitaire said...

We see the same sky but at different times. Therefore, our stories are different.

Ghost Particle said...

[sneha] true. that makes it all worth while. Different times, different stories...the collections can be read. entropy. :) hugs.

Cinderella. said...

The sky is always the same bhai, but what makes the vision different is the the way the colors n patterns of the clouds n the sunlight an individual percieves.

And that pic is a brilliant shot bhai !! I cant believe its for real !

Btw coz n ask your quesions wouldja ?

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] yes the sky is always the same, when we look closely, or look for a long time we can see deeper things. i know for a fact that the colors are coz of ice crystals and pollution...pollution makes beautiful skies.

yes, my first shot...and still my best. could not even replicate it.

I alledi asked my question, u better not loose it! search ur mail!!!!

venus66 said...

The sky is the same but ones perception is different. Thank you.

Donnnnn said...

That is awesome GP

It would be nice to re-adjust the extremes so that every man, woman, and child, on every continent, could live a reasonably happy, healthy, well educated, life.

To get to that Utopian plateau we would have to get rid of all the power-mad, greedy, asshats getting in the way...

so let it be written,
so let it be done.

Nahuatl said...

u have lost it.

ur comments even don't make sense to me now.

Leni Qinan said...

That's an excellent pic (if this is the first one, I wonder what are the following ones like... they must be awesome).

I didn't know you were a poet too... (I thought Nayan was THE POET in this side of the blogsphere, lol).

The poem is awesome and very suggesting; and yes, we see the same sky. ;)

Miladysa said...

Fantastic poem and photograph Ghosty - both are award winning!

I often look at the sky and wonder how we fail to pay it the attention it truly deserves. We seem to only take the time to glance up now and then. I wonder what creatures live up there amongst the ice crystals?

Have a wonderful weekend.


Vesper de Vil said...

It's so funny that you call it "snap"! :) I've never heard "snap" used as a noun for photograph.

Ghost Particle said...

[venus] true. at different places, how we look at it makes all the difference, how we take it. thx :)

[donn] readjusting the extremes, that would be a great project wouldnt it :) it will happen, cant say everything will remain broken and separated for long, bt then we have to go through hard times to make it happen. :) thx :)

[nayan] seems like others do...i wonder how and why. thx :)

[leni] heh, thx leni, i do have loads of others, will set it up properly and publish the links later on.
Nayan is a great poet. i jst write nt following the rules i guess. heheh.
ah, glad to know...same skies, same views eh. :)

[milady] thx milady...we see a different beautiful sky everyday, it mst mean something right. its the memories of yesterday that live there amongst the ice crystals. or maybe the memories of tomorrow. have a nice weekend milady, hugs. :)

[kristen] yes it is! a lot of ppl here say 'dude show me the snap...'all the time :D

Veens said...

Very beautiful pic and very beautiful lines.

I guess everyone here seems to same thing as I thought.. depends on how we perceive the sky.


But we are living in the same times. However different, in the end everything and everyone of us is the same :)

Ghost Particle said...

[veens] every moment brings a new view for each of us, i think i understood that well from my friends here. :)

hehe depends how we define 'same time', bt i guess in terms of struggles or turbulence, we are living in the same times/ same worlds. making ppl understand that is hard, bt we can only try.

Veens said...

Right.And yes we can only try.

Its been long time, I visited here.. I am glad I got back here... How r you doing :)

Ghost Particle said...

[veens] i know, its been long since ive wandered around the blog worlds to find my old friends, good writers. am reading all ur blogs now :P guilty me...mst set some time to 'wander' more. im doing ok, how are you?

Veens said...

hehehehe on setting time to wander :)
Doing good :)

I m guilty as well :) ;)

I will haunt your blog from now on ;)

Take care! Ciao :)

PS - Thanks to BookBlogs... :)

Jeevan said...

Congrats bro. Lovely sky! Sun and moon are same but what interrupts makes magnificent.

Ghost Particle said...

[veens] ghost me anytime :)

tc and yes thx to booksblog.

[jeevan] deep words nanba, what interrupts are our lives, what we play in it. those are the differences we make. :)


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