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We like fishing. When we were kids the fishes were really easy to get. There were streams and ponds everywhere. We never used fishing rods then. Just a fishing net or sometimes even with our hand, we can get many beautiful tropical fishes. The stakes got higher when we grew up. Everybody is getting fishing rods. So we got ourselves shiny new fishing rods and went fishing in bigger lakes, rivers and even the sea. We got a few, very little actually. Then we realized it was the bait that makes all the difference. So we searched for worms and other live slimy stuff that we can use as baits. Different fishes are attracted to different kind of baits. But the thing is even as we had good baits, we still could not get the prized catches. We see other anglers getting bigger fish. Then we realized it was the technique, and also knowing the kind of bait to use for different situations and different fishes.

It is at this moments you realize who is serious about this exciting hobby and who is not. There were many kids who just throw their nets and get loads of fish, but when we look further we realize it was the summer seasons and the ponds are drying up. When the monsoon seasons come the ponds are full, larger fishes swim there. So being hobbyists, they plan their trips and go there at the right times. The ones who fish when the ponds are shallow are fishing for food. A temporary excitement, fun and joy but it feeds people. The anglers are doing it for their satisfaction, they're calm and they wait. Honing their skills for a another day or a competition and a lot of other events. Fishing teaches us a lot. It separates us according to our skills and motivations. The end results are not always satisfying, but we get to do something that we like. That's important.


uma kumar said…
hi, i saw ur messege in my post.before i publish it ..vanished
thanks for visiting
ur post on fishing is good...the mix of philosphy and reality
uma kumar said…

i too like IR OF 80'S
Ghost Particle said…
[uma] thx so much. :)
u understood well the parts of this post :)

yes, i absolutely love IR 80's. Websites are there to download the songs actually. and now there are even compilation dvd's of his songs.
Cinderella. said…
I hve never gone fishing !

And also I dont like fish all that much....

Ghost Particle said…
[cindy] uh! fish is good ok... :P

i know fishin is not ur style. :)
Nahuatl said…
I smell something fishy going on.
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] no no...this aint double meaning at all. :) its jst the philosophy...i went for a drive yesterday, saw this kids fishing at the dam and had a flashback. :) bt it does blends well with wats happening around us :)

hey u like fishing? maybe we cud try that sometime soon :P
manisha said…
Gp : wht kind of fishing u talking about trying ... :D
the thought gets 2 options in my mind ... i wonder which is it to be or maybe both :)
Ghost Particle said…
[manisha] ahha! :) well this is getting interesting. both is good....right? :p
Leni Qinan said…
I went fishing once. The river was so packed with trouts that they fought to be the first to take the bait, lol.

I like your view about fishing and how people are like when fishing. Nice post!
Ghost Particle said…
[leni] thats an excellent feeling right, to actually get the this case the fish. but more and more after that, you will jst let the fish go and not kill them. its part of the whole game i think. :)

it sets us apart, on how we handle the situation of learning new techniques, and how we choose not to and continue vaguely.
Pauline said…
Ahhh, you have depicted the story of our lives, our challenges. our struggles, our desires. I am so very happy that I can read between the lines.Perhaps this piece is meaningful as I enjoyed a refreshing moment of pond water just yeaterday. Big hug to you my friend.
Ghost Particle said…
[pauline] open water always reflects something we desire, i think maybe it gives a feeling of no boundary, the unending possibility of life, how water plays a vital role in our lives and how we 'experience' it.

Im glad that you can read between the lines, Im always happy my friends understand what I write. Hugs Pauline. :)
Kavi said…
Going fishing ! Coming fishing ?!? Angling for more.

I have read some stuff around fishing before.wonder why it is so much of a thinking sport !

perhaps the virtues of patience are best learnt over there !
Ghost Particle said…
[kavi] so well said. even watching people angling, which might take hours, are such a peaceful thing. you can just let ur imagination work there, jst watch their emotions. And when they let go of the fishes they catch, there is something there, maybe a satisfaction that we can never understand. :)
Jeevan said…
I love fishing :) I remember in childhood visiting village getting to pond and lakes, easy way of fishing is sweeping water into land and picks the small fish.

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