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The Exorcism

It went well. My plans of not being here did not work, was too curious. Apparently there were a lot of ghosts in the apartment, without 'particles' in its name. My housemate is a true believer now, so I'm guessing he was a dumb nut all this years. Many things cant be understood without seeing it by yourself. I've seen exorcisms before, and sad to say this did not impress me. But what did struck me was the extreme length they went to do it. I hope my neighbors don't ask anything about it. And the chicken was not slayed, they let it go.

How does it work? There are elements of channeling, dream interpretation, retracing your life and if we can related some of it to black magic, then it was used as well. Despite them claiming its all for the good, I think I know what all this is. I did not seek to see about the ghosts myself, I think I know the answers to this already. Most probably I will have a ghost following me too and I need to be cleansed as well. But the shaman did ask me to drive carefully. So there ends my short career of drive by photography.

About asking the shaman, you can ask anything. Just about anything and everything will be revealed. From your job to about you family to your love life and even death. If there are some vague revelations about any of this, so the seeker would immediately confirm to it and start telling the whole story and that's how the shaman will continue the spin. Most psychics and readers use this technique as well to validate their readings. I'm not so sure about the aural readings, connecting to your inner self, etc. They can also send their 'assistants' for remote viewing. This part is freaky, because the same assistant will also do their bidding of anything. And about them coming into your lives, don't be scared. It doesnt work easily when you have your own strong opinions. And even if it affects you, its temporary. Just dont let the mind wander. And seriously, it doesnt work, there could not be such bad things that you cant get out of the rut yourself.

This whole region is the land of black magic. Some might be good, some is used for very bad purposes. Well if you believe it, then there is every chance that you can be affected. Blind faith? Or if you believe their cure, then maybe its like the placebo effect. The display of knowledge and power will make you a believer. Especially if they can retrace your past in detail, even your past life sometimes. Knowing about this is not good, asking about the future is worst. I'd rather stick to moving forward with time (and science). Now I so well understand what the skeptics are saying, we have so much information that we have many choices. And we have so much good interpreted results that its better we choose science.

I wanted to write more about all this, but I hate it when someone says to me that I have to believe in something sometime. Makes me think if what I was believing all this while is wrong. Its not, not perfect but I am on the right track as everyone else. And that's what my housemate been telling me since yesterday, that I need to believe it. The point is, the ghost entered coz he was weak. And he was easily manipulated by the shaman because he was weak. Both are the same thing. I just hope he doesn't start to preach, it will be bad.

Oh and the world is ending in 11 years. Don't ask me how the shaman knows this, but the story just blew me away, especially when it was told at 3 am! Kinda made me dying to the sun this morning.

[#] Im off the library, need to regain the 'trust' in myself :D
That will be travel for the day.
[+] There are many books about the concept of black magic in this part of the world. It is an ancient form of belief. There has been countless documentaries on the networks about this, from SEA to India to Haiti. Will update if I find any articles.


brocasarea said…
u saw phoonk??...
Ghost Particle said…
[brocasarea] I thought it was a bhoot!
Miladysa said…
Interesting post Ghosty.

That Shaman had better not upset you or he will have me to deal with :-D


M x
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] now I jst have to tell her to read royds first. :)

hugs M x

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