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Dont Dream Its Over

Dont Dream Its Over - Crowded House

~ Another blast from the past. Didn't switch on the car radio all day, and when the fingers accidentally hit the button this timeless song was playing. Its been good many years since I've listened to it or remembered to have listened to it. This is one great song by Crowded House, I liked a few from them, but the lyrics for 'Don't Dream Its Over' just tells so much. This song is still a defining favorite from the past for me.

There is freedom within
There is freedom without
Try to catch the deluge in a papercup
There's a battle ahead
Many battles are lost
But you'll never see the end of the road
while you're traveling with me
Hey now, hey now
Don't Dream It's Over
~There was a time when the DJ's know your name, especially when you call at 3 am shouting out hello's to everyone sleeping :p. They defined my schooling years, taught me English and made me experience a new world without faces...a much deeper world They were the Internet of those times, of the 80's and 90's. The conversations at school was always about radio programs, especially the great DJ's, the ghost stories and many more. I dont know when I stopped listening to radio shows, maybe when the dj's became celebrities in the outside world and their command of language sunk to a new low, Manglish took the air and well most of the radio stations are filled with junk adverts anyway. Something killed the golden years of radio...but what was it?

[+] Crowded House


Solitaire said…
This is MY song. My favorite song...I think I ought to listen to it today. Might lift my spirits up a bit.
Ghost Particle said…
[sneha] :) great to know u love it to. ive had a friend who will sing it all the time...heh...nowhere to find him now.

it took me through difficult times, happy times...there are like only 3 or 4 songs I always request from the stations, one of it was this song. Have fun listening to it, it brings a lot of memories to me, how far ive came.

It will lift ur spirits :) hugs.
Jeevan said…
It all begins again and interest spread in loses of increase radio stations. Will the check the songs, after my speakers are ok.
brocasarea said…
still remember when i used to listen to bbc news on the radio!...
now a days radio is just abt increasing their revenues by organizing all kinds of shows...even the rjs suck!...
Donn Coppens said…
I still love Crowded House and their predecessor Split Enz.

I am grateful for having listened to AM Top 40 when I was a teeny bopper in the 60s & 70s because there was so much great the 80s I was watching videos and quit listening to FM radio because the DJs wouldn't SHUT UP! Fm was great because they just played music and kept their pieholes zipped!

So I haven't listened to the radio for over 20 years and now that I can burn my own music I am not interested in Satelite..not one iota.

I wish that there was a way to track every American citizen who listens to asshats like Rush Limbaugh and take away their right to can either let some big fat dickhead do all of your thinkin' for ya or get to vote.
Either or.
Kavi said…
Advanced Bday wishes !

How are things shaping up..? When is the jet plane starting up..!?!?
Miladysa said…
I am a great fan of Crowded House!!! :-D

I listen to BBC Radio 2 - still golden :-D
mystic rose said…
Thats quite a lovely song.
Pauline said…
Loving the music my friend. What ruined the radio is the same thing that has ruined television..a lack of good taste. Radio was marvelous because your mind did all the focusing, television on the other hand is pure pollution of the visual abilities. Again I'm loving the music and I do not know if we can change the choices of those in charge but we can chose to eliminate the garbage with the slightest power of our the button :) big hug
Nahuatl said…
Love the music.

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