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The Dark Knight

I watched the movie again last night. One cant really appreciate the sound design the first time. Its just amazing. At the start of the movie everything was silent and slow, how even the zero bgm at certain parts can tell a lot of stories. The whole look of the movie, the color themes and sound/music simply gives an epic feel to the movie, maybe even a slight noir touch to it considering the theme.

What does the movie tell. Again and again its about him not being the hero, he was not supposed to lead. That's the fact. They kinda throw it at you, just subtly. Its a great metaphor for our lives and for the age we live in. It is the age of anarchy and chaos, but the world is bigger than Gotham. We don't see it in open, we don't have to subscribe to it since we're already in the system and slowly strengthening the agents of chaos.

I dont know if the future will still believe in one two white knights, the legends are all dead. It's not enough for a person to change anything significant, or to start a revolution. More of clinging to hope, more of creating circles of safety and slowly expanding it to make things better for a few people and to groups and communities.

And its all about love isn't it. When you cant see how to solve the world or answer its questions, love will be the judge and juror. How far it will take you is a question of perspectives and distance. Yet again, how far it will push you is not a question at all. In essence its about changing the change that initiated itself, to push the boundaries ever so slowly and finally engulfing soul after soul to listen to you and follow your path. And then it ends, just like that.

[#] Ramblings, unanswered yet again. But its only a movie, how it touches you depends on how serious you are towards it.
[#] And is this what they term as self-realization or just watching your life on screen minus the costumes?


Donnnnn said…
It totally makes up for all of those other horrid Batman movies..bleccch! I much prefer a troubled hero than those cartoonish do-gooders like the 80s Superman.

Plus Heath gave the performance of the year...his performance will be highlighted in every film school for the rest of time..and rightly so.

And on another note Robert Downey was awesome as Ironman..I stillcan't believe that the two best comic book films EVER came ou in the same year..what are the odds?
Ghost Particle said…
[donn] Exactly! How did their ever made them so real. I would want to say the directors...but certainly TDK has a genius on the helms with a great story.

Iron man was all that it should be, the realism. It is all the modern day comic readers dream.

And TDK was justice for 100 years of movies...atleast from the comic book genre perspective.

Every single time you look into his eyes, and you see he even scared batman to death. There is so much in this movie, so much to learn. :)

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