Wednesday, September 3

Anggun Cipta Sasmi - Mimpi

An excellent song by Anggun Cipta Sasmi

Mimpi / Dreams
(English subtitles, bt knowing Indonesian will make the experience a whole lot better)

[#] Anggun is a best selling Indonesian/French artist, she has a stunning unforgettable voice, best known for her song Snow on the Sahara. Check out the rest of her songs in Youtube, I love this version of [Selamanya/A Rose in the Wind].
[#] Anggun Cipta Sasmi means Grace Born of A Dream in Balinese...such a beautiful name. Thx Vj for the pointer/ song.


Leni Qinan said...

Thanks for sharing this sweet song. We're so overloaded with well marketed artists, that it's a real pleasure to listen to something new and so beautiful.

Her voice is so relaxing and lovely! And her name is so nice. ;)

starry nights said...

love her voice and the lyrics.thanks for sharing.

mystic rose said...

beautiful indeed!

Ghost Particle said...

[leni] I think we seldom explore the local gems, or the exotic ones. bt theyre at most times better than the mainstream artists... :) thx.

[starry] her voice is really something, so powerful. :) thx.

[mystic] makes you want to listen again and again. :) thx.

Nahuatl said...

She is good and the video is crap!

Sorry, but you need to try harder for better medium. Ever seen videos on ma site? Eh?

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] i was trying to find a video with english subs, thats why its out of sync. :P


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