Sunday, August 31

Time, She Reflects

I didn't know this was a part of the game. Didn't even know this was a game in the first place. Am not here for competition, but would really love to consider this a challenging one. Fierce and open. But it wont work that way, I know that. All I want to say now is that I know what is happening and its exciting. I should have know earlier, now all of it seems funny. So she was right after all, its not about knowing, or telling or even living. Its about have the extra touch that matters. People will never be impressed by the usual stuff. Right. I'll keep flying a while longer, let it linger and then return to existence. Its all for a different time, sometime in the future when they learn to understand. But for now, I'm happy that at least some good souls out there understand me.

Been here long enough to know how this works. Probably the magic of all this is to let it work on its own, spin the wheel(s) of time and let it flow. It weaves itself, leaving trails of humanity and love along the path. The deafening silence breaks your quixotic views of scapes around you. It was all about you and no one else. It was every bit about you and no one else. Sing now. That's what she told me. When the scapes crumble, and its tiny bits shower from the sky, I will savor it. I am living it, through generations. And they all gathered to say, good luck good luck my brother, my friend may your ideals match her. And this morning I can only smile. And I too want to say, good luck my friend, may you idea's work.

And I turn towards the rushing Time and told her, you broke your promise. I dint know there would be so much color and status and paradigms in this world, and you lied to me you will take care of me. But she could only smile she has been here forever. She has seen all this too. And she immersed me in her flow, lines and scapes. I cant see anything but the lives of others, she carries with her the faces of unknown. Do you need someone Time? And she for a tiny moment turned back and smiled. It struck me then, however impatient I am, I should have waited. And she flew ever far away, giving me the pleasure of months of happiness, I am truly impressed by your reverence for me , I do understand your undying ambitions. I will live it, that's the least I can do to respect your paths. And then Time took me with her.

when sensational nights draws to a close
and the dancers return to their liberation
under the stars
the dark night radiates one last time
and the Luna fairies sparkle
with glitters on their wings
exchanging their fears of mortality
I know what I have seen, I understand
and I sit silent, lost and thinking
of everything that could have been


[#] Another part of the this story arc from Part 1: It's Time to Go , Part 2: Obsessions of the Maroon Star , Part 3: Eternity Flowers in Lost Galaxies; the forms are different in each, this time its simply my notes, no conversations.

[#] The most beautiful thing thats happening right now to me are turning into chapters of this story. Hard for some to understand, read the past editions of it, it does connect in a strange way. Thank you :)


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starry nights said...

WOW! you do write well, am going to read the other stories as well.

joaninha said...

Dear GP, Your text is fantastic. Thanks for the comment and I'm here to tell you that I'm much better and in a fortnight I'll do my first test to know if the problem is irradiated, at least, for this meantime… I hope to be completely free, but this variation of cancer is very irregular and it could happens to appear later in any other place…But in this moment I’m feeling well
We’ll maintain in contact. I great kiss plenty of friendship from Isabel (joaninha)

Nahuatl said...

I went back and read all.. well.. most of it.

This reminds me of what part of you inspired me to start writing :)

I am feeling good vibes here

venus66 said...

Wonderful write. Sorry, visited you after so long. Take care.


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