Sunday, August 24


And finally we meet...

[#] I used to question the need. Now I feel it was more than a need, maybe, such as an identity for the people of the lost homelands, evolving religions, a cultural standpoint, rather than an excess of human ability and resources. He stands perfect, a precise art of relevance, when people dont search for what they already have. They just reaffirm, relive and celebrate.

[+] Batu Caves


Kavi said...

Simply superb pictures. Especially the first one !

yes. Itss about affirmation & celebration!

Cinderella. said...

Amazing pix bhai !!

There will be times when a belief becomes a drive...perhaps this was one such.

Take care.


Jeevan said...

Wonderful pictures taken from different directions! True, everyone needs some identity.