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Resonance II

Here's the rest of the Batu Caves snaps.

Cave temple

Cave entrance

272 stairs...not for the couch potato nerd. It will feel like your knees just fell of :D

The dude, my brother. And yeh, hes a talaivar fan...grrr...

The cave complex itself is ancient, very beautiful. There are several caves where they offer exploration tours, etc.

Long way down, or long way up. The end will always be the same. God Bless.

[#] Trying to post all the snaps that I have before I get a dslr this weekend. I cant wait.


Cinderella. said…
I loved the pix !

And since when you have become such a religious guy bhai ?!!

Check out Archistar Siku's page from my blog...amazing photographer, the pix are astounding !!!
Ghost Particle said…
[cindy] hehe...thx girl.

well...when in confusion, look at two things....the dictionary of life, or God.

will check out the page.
Mythily said…
Nice pics...Would like to see the places...
Keshi said…
cool pics :)

Nahuatl said…
u getting a dslr?
do u know how to use it, mr. confused? :P
Standbymind said…
Great pics man
Kya hai? Bhagwan pe dil aa gaya?

You turning Godman??
Ghost Particle said…
[mythily] may your wishes come true. :)

[keshi] thx :)

[nayan] Im going to ignore u said gonna get a badass dslr...hey want a photographer for ur wedding? (ok i might not know much how to use a thers always the manual and something called 'jumping straight in')

[stbymind] bro! been a while, hows u man and chennai... :) thanks bro.

[gautami] let me translate that abit: 'Whats happening? Searching for God? ---> am i right? anyone?

hahaha...ive always been a non temple visiting religious person. and half the ppl i know think i dont go to temples thinking im christian! bahahaha... god is personal...a deal between souls :)
Miladysa said…
Fantastic photographs Ghostie :-D
starry nights said…
Beautiful pictures.
Jeevan said…
Wow... those are wonderful pictures bro, my fav are 11 & 12.
Nahuatl said…
Wedding? My wedding?

you crazy mofo.. go fug urself... u will be doomed before i get stuck with onegina {ahem.. excuse me ladies here :)}
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] hi! welcome back from the hols :) and thank you.

[starry] finally ur back! thank you. :)

[jeevan] thanks nanba. really appreciate that.

[nayan] ohho! one of us gonna fall first bro...and its gonna b u! mwahahahah! i cant wait to sing and dance hindi songs while seeing u on a horse paraded around da house...yay!
Nahuatl said…
u bloody tamil.. u can't even speak hindi and u talking shit about singing hindi songs?

I would ride a donkey that day.. you.

And its not horse, its mare by tradition. You Mowgli.
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] what the! i can bet thats a horsey...i know a horse when i see one. and i happen to be listening to some good hindi songs. and i like that atif aslam guy.
Nahuatl said…
ladies and gentlemen, some revelation here. all the blllooddy indian hindus have been riding a wrong gender of equus caballus when they get married! Thanks to the troll who runs this page for this enlightening.

Yeah.. you and your i-know-horses.. Are you human? Or just bit twisted? =P
Ghost Particle said…
[naya] okay! i see em on TV! how the heck shud I know! im a ghost or a particle...depending on season.

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