Thursday, August 14

A Juncture

To take the leap, for a newer tomorrow, or to take the lead for a better tomorrow. Its all about what you teach and what you learn. Its either you choose to teach, or you choose to learn. And then the path is only one. You choose. If you choose to lead, which means you must teach, then you must know what you want to teach. If you don't know what you can teach, that means you are not ready to lead, then you opt to learn. One path only. But you realize, that one path contains both the elements.

Do we ask?


Tell me, what you want to learn from me. Tell me also, what you can share with me. I believe that is the spirit of survival and the idea of a blog. To teach is to Share. To learn is to Share.


ancientmariner said...

I had mentioned something similar.. about being on crossroads though in a different context..

Its always tricky when life puts you at a juncture..

OIC Candidate from Senegal said...
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Pauline said...

Tell me everything that you wish for me to learn and I will do the same and in this way we will both learn and teach for this is how we grow. This is life's lesson to be shared. Big hug my friend...

Solitaire said...

Just because we take a certain path, does not mean that we cannot switch gears later.


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