Saturday, August 9

Flashback 1988 - Seoul Olympics

The Beijing 2008 Opening was amazing, the stadium is spectacular, never thought they could pull it off. But it was an excess of money, 100 million for fireworks alone?!!!, and they blew the theme song. In retrospective, watch the theme song from the 1988 Seoul, Korea Games. 20 years on, it is still one of the best openings, alongside Barcelona 1992.

hand in hand we stand
all across the land
we can make this world a better place
in which to live
hand in hand we can
start to understand
breaking down the walls
that come between us for all time

[+] Watch the rest of the videos of the 1988 opening ceremony.[Seoul-1988]

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Raghav said...

it's how u see it isnt it.
if they have the money then who are we to accuse them of blowing it away, be it on fireworks or flying monkeys.


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