Tuesday, August 12


shattered pieces of the crimson heart
lay dead and whiter among
the sedimentary particles
at the bottom of the sea

~ is death just a cycle
of hope and failure
or achievement
in making the other(s)
their role


[#] Relieving Realities, heartbroken.


Cinderella. said...

Wow !!

I think death is a cycle of nothing....its just a culmination of a beginning, or an ending - whatever way you choose to look at it.

Loved the opening lines bhai !

"Sedimentary particles
at the bottom of the sea deep..."

Most of the times all we are carrying in us are sediments of some residue - opted out or given away, isnt it ?

Loved this one from you bhai.
Long timwe you wrote smth like this.

Beautiful !!

Cinderella. said...

And why you heart broken ?

The same reason as yesterday ?!!

Jeevan said...

Brilliant piece there bro. what remains end at the bottom of the sea.

Solitaire said...

Death teaches us a lot.
That's what I was trying to say in Psychobabble a couple posts earlier.

kavi said...

Whats happening ? Lovely lines but i worry about you. Hope all is well.

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] how u explore it, makes me admire you to the core. and I still remember what you commented once, for my poem...hehehe...ppl comment w/out comprehending the matter. well, i have you, and thats enough for me da. :)

yes, the sadness is about that, and about work too da.

[jeevan] thanks nanba, yes I think memories sink, rather than float...away.

[sol] trough experience, we explore new life. the death here is of the past lunacy, and hopefully the teaching is for a better future. how are you da? miss you.

[kavi] sar, thank you for understand whats between the lines. it is true I am overworked, and truly aimless at this point in my life. work is there, the results are there, but I am not happy. will visit you in a while, i need to read your posts before I loose track of good writings...and sink even deeper.


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