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Blogger Updates: Followers

Blogger has released a new feature today. You can read all about it at [Followers_Buzz]. This function lets you see the followers of your blog, basically taking over what Technorati has been doing all this while - in a much simpler/ cooler interface. Long live minimalists! Near the bottom of your new blogger dashboard, you can see the Reading List with a new tab added to let you add blogs to follow, and also manage the links, either you want to follow them anonymously or public. In return, you can add a widget to your blog to show who you are following. A great feature indeed, now you can find all your Internet stalkers, estranged crushes, etc.

* Not all bloggers will have this right now, will be rolled out to everyone in the weeks to come. And also, to get the updates right make sure you activate and set your blog feeds properly.

[updated] Some ScreenShots - The whole concept seems nice, makes stuff easy. Unless you've been using Google Reader, this might really help you in managing blogs that you follow. But, the follower list also appears in your Profile page...which kinda makes it long and not so nice. The list will only disappear if you follow other bloggers in Anon mode.

The new Dashboard with the followers count.

This is how the reading list looks like.


Cinderella. said…
Now this is gonna make life of stalkers so difficult !!!

And you have enabled comment moderation bhai ? Why ?
Ghost Particle said…
hey girl, im testing out a new template design yest. its not working, i keep getting double, triple comments!!!! so i enable this to let everything work. if not im sticking with the old template.

bt i cant try all the new blogger features with the classic template :(
Leni Qinan said…
Thanks a lot for the info!
Is this like a sitemeter? Have you already tried it?

Hello, btw :)
Jeevan said…
nice one, looking forward to see it in my blog too.
Donnnnn said…
I think that I have that don't lets me know when somebody has a new I on glue or are we talking about the same thing?
Ghost Particle said…
[leni] its quite diff than sitemeter, this one comes all in the dashboard, and well kinda lets all blogger users know u follow them. no hiding, unless the anon mode is used.

welcome here too :)

[jeevan] yes bro, it makes alot of things easy and simple to follow ppl if you dont want to rely on your blogroll.

[donn] well you make a good point. its the same exactly, but now u can add the widget and stuff. beautify ur blog :P

there are some good things, the follower count, etc.
Nahuatl said…
I am sure you don't even know what this shit is.. u must have read the news!!
Yay! Ghosty has a feed reader!

Dumbass. Better tell us how that lame tiger bit your ass forcing you to change the job to a psychic cut-copy-cat journalist.
Ghost Particle said…
[dumbo] this time i read it!!!! its not only a feedreader...its like a visual feed reader bahahahah! the next time i go visit the tiger, i will bring something to throw at it.
Nahuatl said…
No need to bring anything for that tiger. Just bring yourself and jump inside. You will make my work easier :P
Ghost Particle said…
[nayan] yep and make alot of pp happy. hah! then it will become a ghost tiger.
Miladysa said…
Clever stuff!

I don't think I have it though because I have my own template not the new layouts one which blogger is persistently pestering me to adopt. *sigh*
Ghost Particle said…
[milady] true! im using the classic template too...well we cant use the widget, but the blogger dashboard kinda has everything we need to use this function. after a while everything is auto activated I think. but you still have to add the blogs that you want to follow.

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