Monday, August 25

Birds of Paradise

The road trip this time was to search for the Birds of Paradise. We found it, sort of, in a private zoo, up north of Peninsular Malaysia. Enjoy the photos, loads of them, might take a while to load.

The Birds of Paradise

The adult male Bird of Paradise (this particular species is the Paradisaea Minor)

The tail feather of the bird, is considered a lucky charm for many at this part of the world. It is know to have immense powers, if kept by the right people. And it costs quite a lot to buy the feathers. Apparently the birds sheds the tail feathers in cycles. In this photo are two preserved birds. Well preserved birds of certain genus of the species can fetch hundreds of thousands of dollars.

This plant is called the Birds of Paradise plant.

The Lye Huat Garden / Zoo

Deers are beautifully boring! (you can quote me on that)

The bird park was awesome, they had lots of species from around the world, like this some Eagle...
Lots of parrots, swans, birds of paradise, etc.

You had to pity the monkeys, they looked miserable, probably yearning for something.

There are a number of ponds with Japanese carp (koi's) and swans.

The Arowana aquariums had some terrapins too.

Is this an emu?...or some bird...I dunno. Bt it had a cool horn.

Did a few macro shots, my Z2 was having dslr inferiority complex.

I know a few bloggers to feed to you buddy.

And the fun (and embarrassment)

That is Vijay @BBD playing music...or something. Each ancient Chinese bell creates a diff pitch of sound.

Aim for the sky...and destroy the competition.

Ancient Bloggers wrote a lot too.

...and walking bears... (Sun Bears)

A couple of lame tigers...oh there are so many 'moving' ones in NatGeo. Grrr...

BBD horsing around. Bahahahahaha!

The entrance to Lye Huat Garden. This place is really good considering we dont have a decent zoo in the Northern parts. Well maintained and loads of things to see. There is a huge rock garden/collection. An Arowana farm/aquarium, A terracotta park, bird park, some tigers, crocodiles and Sun Bears and monkeys.
Its located after the last highway exit near Bukit Kayu Hitam. Quite near to the Thailand Border. Follow the link for the address.

[#] Travelers; Kumar, Ghost n Vj (oh and this trip happened after they've tried unsuccessfully to get me into Thailand...mwahahaha I win!)
[+] Lye Huat Garden


d SINNER!!! said...

:) wow...

amazing, personally i love snakes! so that one pic was certainly a treat! :)

birds i like outside the cages!!!

Solitaire said...

Nice pics!! How are you? I am fit and fine!

Mythily said...

When u went GP? Good pics...

Nahuatl said...

You friggin call that a smile? That lame tiger was smiling better than you at you.

Go back to school.. :P

Ghost Particle said...

[neha] snakes! oh man...well im afraid of snakes...hemm...and everything else if they're out of cages. hahaha. there we're a few snakes, and one huge albino python. thx neha. :)

[sneha] hey girl, thanks. im cool, a ghost as always...hehehe. Good to know ur fine and fit...u went jogging or something...huh? hehe. hey how come u posted no zoo pics from the states...they have all the best ones.... :) hugs da, tc and buzz me.

[mythily] i went las sunday...which is this sunday...i mean this weeks sunday that went past. im confusing myself. :p are nice coz the place is nice. hahaha. how is u? take care. thx :)

[nayan] urgh...i hate reality and friends who are in touch of it :p it was hot and humid...i df cud not smile. oh the tigers nwere lamer....grrr...we shouted for like 30 mins to get it to wake up or at least piss it off. we were so near to picking up the deer and throwing it into the tiger closure. well when I come to India...i wanna see some big cats...a couple of Bengal tigers. arrange that will ya. thx bro. :D

Scribblers Inc said...

those birds are swell!!And LOL at the blogger!!:D

Scribblers Inc.

Jeevan said...

Cool pictures, it really encourage to visit zoo soon… .
It’s beautiful if deers are to wander freely isn’t?
very differently looking emu!

Nahuatl said...

come to india.. i'll feed u to bengal tigers


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