Wednesday, July 30

Wolves At Our Doors / Nights and Hope

Another beautiful evening, from the balcony, to the horizon slowly being shredded by darkness. Just a year ago I hated daylight to the point of closing shut the doors and windows during the day. I feel alive at night, I could just feel the flow of matter at nights. There was a world I built out of nights, or darkness, of people living their moments. At nights most of my worries seems to disappear. I still wonder where this floating world is, which star it orbits during my days. On some nights it comes, less often now. I have released it to the universe. It floats on its own will. Strange dreams in real worlds.

In those moments in that world, from the many doors of the glass houses came sounds of invisible creatures. None so enigmatic that the magnificent Wolf. With it's ruby red eyes reflected from incandescence lining the streets, from behind the trees it lives its own destiny. It's eyes scan the landscapes, dreamscapes or playing children. Wolves are creatures of the night. It's part of our fears, and for some it's our bravery. How it lurks, and plans it's tomorrows are all interconnected with our lives. It's just a small part of the night world, sweeping nightscapes are filled with many eccentrics, many people, traveling circuses, nomads and gods.

This particular creature of night, defining our horrors and worst fears. Why does it exists? In all our lives, we try hard to erase the memories of fear. But we fail to erase the people who bring fear. In the days and years of our age, we are broken apart a bone at a time, decapitated and left to rot on the dreamscapes. Yes, those are the real dreams we live in our world because we let people take over our world. The emotional traps we walk in to. We fail to see the solutions because even those are hidden from us, hidden by the poison that erases our sane mind.

Want to see the solutions? The solution is simple. Just look at the fighters, the others who talk to you not of their happy days, but of what they do in life. What they really do and how they do it. Listen and hear of real people who dont have to hide their faces. Brave people who take life as it comes, a day at a time. Who have been through hell and can still smile but doesnt go around branding it, brandishing it and selling it. Who doesnt hurt you. They make look to not respond much in normal conversations, but you can ask. Ask them how they make it happen. The words will definitely change you life.

Remember again, you dont owe anything to anyone. You just do it and make it happen. There will be returns you cant ever imagine because you dont hope for anything in return. And talk to the right people. Take time, sit on the park bench and look out. Dont drag your past with you this time, just sit, sip your drink and look at the sky and then the city and the trees and people. Everyone is an individual? Or, look at the next people, and you can see everyone is connected. What they do is copied, or not copied, thats how our lives are. And listen to the world and take your time, let it sink it. If this is the moment of defining change, let it happen slowly.

Then walk. Go back to your daily life. Dig back your IM friends, your e-mail friends, you cell friends, your schoolmates. And choose the right person. And talk to them. This time you will see the right people, because you have choosen to seek them.

This is a big world, and the Internet is a big place. Equating both is wrong. There doesnt have to be a social study to define what the Internet brings to our lives or how it changes it. The key to both worlds is how we separate them. What we choose to do with them. And when you see someone who so commandingly hold you and your emotions and your rights to be what you are for something that's not worth the electrons that carry the message. Just leave. No goodbye notes, JUST LEAVE THEM. Seek the next person, the right person.

Thats what I learned from the Internet. Thats what I learned from the offices and lecture halls and classrooms and homes and people. I learned that there are many people, there are many demands and there are many wolves among them. The ones who waits to leap will never do so because they will find only the weak ones, not you. You are not the weak one if you are reading my blog. You are a critical person who can and knows what this is. Dont for a moment think you are weak, you are loosing so much not acknowledging your powers. The wolf will also not leap on you if you are busy with life, it cant hold you ransom because you will ignore it.

But the wolf will leap on you the moment you choose to leave that door open and you choose a time to be slack, to not follow your own rules and choose to think that 'what can one time do, it wont kill you.' But it will. Thats what the Internet is. Thats what we are today. Your routines are your salvation, but the wrong routines are also the trap. This is a fast moving world, people wont stop to let you out from traps, let alone it's you own.

Wolves are magnificent creatures, you will know how so human like they are. Because how many humans out there choose to be one. Dont fall into this traps, dont take people as they approach you, innocently or with purpose, in real life or on the Internet. Shut the door tightly and seek out the right people. This is the strategy for life of this scarred world.

I realized and also fail to realize I met many beautiful souls. Those who knows how to live life, who have done so much, who have tested their rules and their limits. How they have compiled this strategy to live. How they face the real world, their jobs, family, children and everything. Learning and teaching is the only concern you should have. And you can see everything else are lesser contemporaries of it.

Where do my beautiful friends live? They are everywhere around me. I'm not going to drop names, not going to tell who they are, look around here. I'm greedy, I don't want to share my good friends :p but from time to time, you will find them if you not already have. Or maybe they have found you. I have found hope a long time back. I failed to realize that I should keep the hope with me all the time, not leave it at home when I go face the wolves. And the ones who gave that hope are always in my mind, they never left me. And I realized that I should do the same, give hope. And keep on learning, and keep on teaching and keep on living. And I'm not going to listen to the pretenders. Because there are many real people out there who dont seek me for my blood, but only for my words, a few of them, at the right time. Because I am that right person too, for them.

[#] Realizing its not worth being sad or depressed, not worth slowing down or shutting the daylight because I have problems. After all I'm still a wanderer.


Cinderella. said...

Bhai, you know how I feel about this dont you ?!

It was marvellous - breath-taking - captivating and soul-searching...

We are all wanderers in our own world. Some just dont want to understand that no matter how good they know !


Kavi said...

That was touching tale well told !! I have sought to move on. A couple of days back, i told a friend that i am a rolling stone who will roll on. Whatever moss sticks is what will stick !

And if he were a true friend, he will help me move on !!

Your writing continues to captivate. I can see where you are coming from. But reading your post, makes mundane misery look magical mysticism !

We are wanderers my friend. And we will wander amongst the farthest yonder ! And when the time comes, wander further !

d SINNER!!! said...

i dunno what to say, really!

you know I have been feeling almost the opposite...slowing down and all that...

I dunno...maybe i rise again...maybe!

Nachi said...

O' brother o' mine! i am back, 'for the moment'...


we all need to cut ourselves some slack at times...Ghosty, your skill with words remains enviable!

Cinderella. said...

Hey bhai, forgot to tell you, I have a fan of yours in my family, who just made an effort to blog too...n wrote a post on Joker.

Read it wouldja ?!

Giving you the link.

Miladysa said...

Ghost you are truly a writer!

Thank you for writing such powerful words, thank you for your wisdom.

M x


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