Monday, July 21


Ok this is wall right. And its not a very tall wall. Coz like walls dont age with experience and all others. So you are this wall. And then you ask people to come and sit on it. Come people, now sit on me, I'm a wall. So people sit on it. And you're happy. Wohoo. Happy happy happy. And a fat person comes. And now ur in deep sht, but you have to portray ur a good wall to everyone whose been sitting there all this while. So you tell them, you can handle this. You dont discriminate people, not against anything. So infront of them you let the fat person sit. Wow that mst be fcking heavy. I mean shees, the wall is in strain but then it still shows of its fcking spanking cool. A cool wall. Then others walls are there. Around the world. And they jst like being a wall. Some let ppl sit, some dont. Some are tall and people climb them, but then they cant reach the top coz the wall is an old soul and it keeps getting taller as time passes. Some walls dont like people sitting there for nothing. Some walls have advertisement on them. Some tell the truth. Some wall is used and raped like there is no tomorrow and it jst takes it. Some walls see many histories. Some walls crumble. But it doesnt blame anyone. Thats aging with experience. So our wall, this cool wall. It sees all the other walls and what does it see? It see real people who doesnt actually hide their true feelings right. And they, when they dont like the wall, they refuse to sit on it. And some jst takes an egg and hits it. Or potatoes. Or tomatoes. Ok, so some others jst break it down. Walls crumble. But oh no, this cool wall is so fcking diplomatic and cool. It jst wont accept the fact that its just a wall on the same plain. Same earth. So what gives the wall more rights than the other wall? We dont get it, and how come the wall is nice to some stoners and lynchers and not all. So the wall is a fake wall. Its not a wall, its just imagining itself being a wall. And when the fat person came, it knew the fake wall wont stand a chance, but then it kept faking it coz it had faked so much to so many others than sit on it that now it cant hide anywhere. The truth is slowly spreading all over the world, and it still scrapes in the dark on how to hide this. Damn damn damn. So how do we hide the fact the wall is fake?

I was trying to build a wall too, but then I did'nt get enough stones.


Cinderella. said...

What about the wonderwall ?!

Solitaire said...

Don't you think its better to not build a wall than to have a fake wall that flashes its stony smile, only to witness its own demise in no time, when reality begins to hit it?

carolinagal said...

Great post!

But I don't know the answer to this. You might have to ask the wall :)

Love Sol's comment!

Kavi said...

Walls are built brick by brick. And when the time comes, they crumble. All walls crumble !

Krazy Krimson said...

maybe ... just maybe.. the idea.. is to NOT build walls...

Try bridges.. you dont even need bricks for those..

Alok said...

the last line sums it up for me :)


brocasarea said...

what a comparison man!..loved it:)

aneri_masi said...

so...i kinda know the history behind these walls...and all i want to do is smile :) such an accurate analysis!

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] hemm...except that...that is the coolest wall ever. Oasis rocks. hugs da, time will reveal everything.

[sol] exactly, why even try? build a wall because others have it and then cry when others have better walls? stupid is more like it. you stand strong, this is cheapskate walls we're talking about. grandma stories. not the real dead. hugs, luv.

[carolinagal] hey hey welcome here. true, but the wall is full of hot air and will fly or blow anytime. hehehe...and its a cheap wall, id rather go with quality, even if I have to wait for it longer. hugs.

[kavi] true, and with each brick we learn, and with each fall we know how to start again. thx sar. your comments are always great. :)

[krazyk] yes, bridges are important too, but then they do need to connect enough sane people to even matter right?

[alok] then we are all learning...slowly... :) how are you bro?

[broca] thx bro, i hope you understood the core story.

[aneri] thx for understanding da. hehehe...the truth, we have. lets not follow the charade, who cares of them, let them crumble on their own. time will tell, and the truth shall be know by everyone.

welcome here and thx.

Nahuatl said...

Graffiti wall!

HA! >:D

Mansi Trivedi said...

i felt like i was on a roller-coaster going through every single detail in your words
was awesome
great thoughts!

Miladysa said...

Oasis are brill... and so was this posts.

The foundations are the answer I think...

Ghost Particle said...

[nayan] true bro. Its the most eccentric I can think of.

[mansi] Hi Mansi, welcome here. Well...i go through the same rereading it...hehehhe...thank you. Glad that you liked it. :)

[milady] AAAAAAAAA! UR BACK! Well, you are my foundation then. :) learning and teaching. Hugs.


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