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in another jump the other evening, we landed in a familiar world. i was not alone. she was together with me. this time i managed to see her face. in most lucid's i fail to ascertain their faces. this time it was different. the world was the same from my other dreams. the greenery and the buildings. its either a place of great thinkers, or experiments or its an experiment with life itself. and there are trains everywhere. slow moving coaches, the ends we cant see. she talks with me, gives me directions, but i don't seem to be in any activity. i go to class or whatever gathering that happens, i carry notes that i cant read. and everything is moving. when the evening came, just like a flash, without realizing the day has changed and the evening sky with noctilucent clouds painted the scapes with gray and blue. i noticed still the faces are visible. because they keep talking to me. the path to walk, the roads to take. we walked endlessly. along the way, the road cut through narrow valleys, all lined up with concrete and glass buildings. they are not tall, but it was unique, i can see through the large wall sized windows, the tiny yellow lights inside it, like captured stars. then the students peering through it, walking, watching, all the activities. along the way we pass through carnivals, celebrations with no meaning. probably it had no meaning to me, but all i was doing is walking. stopping occasionally, it felt more like in fixed time periods, i talked to her, and watched her talk to others, and we continued. then there was the train rides that took us to a different part of the small universe that i'm very sure i was in.

[#] this is a repeating dream I've been having this year. the same place, but this is the first time i've interacted with someone. It's not very interesting, seems like a normal dream and naturally, my narration ended because I woke up, I did not try to continue the lucid this time. and luckily I did not forget it either. hoping for more of this world, i think there is much to learn there.


Nahuatl said…
It definitely means something.
Go find it :)
Anonymous said…
very interesting .... but you know that dream is a sub conscious interpretation of what we think :))


pS: Have been very busy with work. Alls well otherwsie :)
Jeevan said…
Some dreams only remain, very nice u recall them exactly.

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