Saturday, July 26


Randy Pausch.
A Legend, a Fighter and a Human.
It's been good knowing you :)

[#] Winter in the Summer
[+] Randy's site
[+] CMU's Randy Site
[+] Wired - Includes cached page links to RP's latest posts in his site.
[+] The Last Lecture
[+] Wiki

| In retrospective of the last lecture by Randy Pausch - Do you know what will your last lecture be?


joaninha said...

Hi Ghost Particle, my friend!

We need heroes because we always need someone to copy...

After a long period of silence I'm here once again. I've been very sick with a lung cancer, but in this moment I'm all right.
Good to go on reading your works.
Best regards from the Blog joaninha.

d SINNER!!! said...

guess i gotta catch up with all the links first... hm hm hmmm....

Cinderella. said...

I hafta check out the links fist bhai. Will then get back to you...

You doing good ?

Ghost Particle said...

[joan] Hey Joan, welcome back. Well you bring sad news...but I hope you are all right. Ill be visiting you always. And what you said is copying we create new days, new tomorrows and new worlds.


[neha] :) you will like it. thx. hugs.

[cindy] Im kool gal, and read the links. u will like it. thx. hugs.

Karthi said...

Thanks for sharing. Amazing guy and I am inspired....


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