Thursday, July 10

age / giants

Of the many paths that diverge in a night, I've often failed to understand age. Whether we are moving forward, or backward, the gains are without magnitude. What experience we collect, in time will wither. This is more of like moments of sadness, sitting and thinking of how time flows forward, stopping not to salvage the cells. The soul feels insignificant. Picture this, you in time, as the sun rises, pages turn, wind blows memories past shallow lights sprayed on walls. You are not moving, but slowly you are realizing that time is eating the past. The walls crumble, and you notice the quantum's of time. No sound here, just shards of glass on the floor, because you didn't see it breaking and falling. Time jumps at this moment, you have slowed it down to comprehend age. Slowly, flipping doors float away into the ceiling. Vibrating cages of atomic lattices are visible now. As you look deeper than ever before. You have crossed the paths of strings, energy, the Planck seconds maybe. Because there isn't anything more to look at. The you blink. You are back to the bench, at the back of your house. The leaves are still falling, silently.

In another reality, the voice is forcing you to run harder, and each time you look back you see a new world. A new scenery, scapes changing in seconds. Wishing to stop, the dream not letting, you fall forward but not to the ground. Each time you fall, its a new path you're running in. Decades pass, as you realize the seasons decay in every degree of your vision. That's how age leaves you. The lady is still calling you, the laughter of your teachers. Then you see them, the god creatures you think they are. Moments later, are large mechanical vehicles. Complex giant vehicles riding the superhighways in front of you. The roads are gigantic, very much artificial. There are no scapes in every direction. You realize you might have outlived this world. Time suddenly ceased to matter. It is not there, it doesn't appear anywhere. There is this indescribable satisfaction in your heart. As it opens wider than ever before. You could feel the walls vanish, arteries vanish and you belong to the world. Tears roll down your eyes, in front of you is nothing but the singularity. Stars in the sky, roads, endless glass deserts. You sit there feeling the violation winds, you don't know where they come from, there are no clouds, but the wind is there. And looking farther, where no horizons exists, is the dark glittering sky, and bright roads with giant machines. Tears roll freely, and when you wake up to an early daylight sky...your eyes still year for that world.


Kavi said...

But inevitably the bathroom mirror shows teh first white hairs, and confirms the fact that those extra pounds are not about to leave; inevitably eyesight begins to fail and mysterious pains begin to shoot through the body.

Like waiters in a restaurant starting to place breakfast settings on the surrounding tables while one is still having dinner, these intimations of mortality plaingly communicate the message : your times is up, its time to move on !

When this happens, few people are ready. "wiat a minute, this cant be happening to em. I havent even begun to live. Where's all the money i was supposed to have made? Where are all teh good times i was going to have ?"

Mihalyi Czisentmihalyi in Flow

Jeevan said...

There is a wonder in your words, some experience gone through your latest vehicle right!?

Cinderella. said...

This al is from the euphoria of you car...!!!

But I loved reading it...and the label is like damn apt..."strange days.."

You back from vacation bhai ?

Solitaire said...


Am speechless!

Came to tell you that Psychobabble is up and running!! :)

Pauline said...

You have taken us on quite the journey with this piece deep and thought provoking. I am so relieved I woke up and still was able to see the keyboard. :)

*~*{Sameera}*~* said...

Nice lines.Just had a day like this yesterday!


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