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Early review. Spoilers? Who Cares!

I booked the tickets but couldn't find the time to go. But the movie apparently is so-so only.

Dude: Chandru said movie not nice

Ghost: oh

Dude: he say cannot understand like sivaji

Ghost: oh

Dude: sivaji best he say

* Dasavathaaram is KamalHassans movie where he plays 10 roles, and already they're calling him a genius for that...we'll bring me a good makeup artist and pay him and I can play 100 roles. Does this make you wanna watch a movie? NO! But sadly, I'm a die hard die Kamal fan....I have to catch this movie.
*Sivaji was Rajini's movie which is beyond understanding actually, crap wrapped in candy wrappers.

So this concludes another euphoria or uneventful but blown out of proportions try from Indian cinema. Not to say Hollywood is any better, but just to say, if you have the talents, why waste it on lesser minds? :D


I like Kamalhaasan too. I can't watch this as I won't understand h language Unless they dub it in Hindi Or english!

Ghosty, you can't play 100 roles. You are a ghost, remember?
And I hate doing word verification! Why do you have to have it?

venus66 said…
Thought of going for a night show tomorrow.:)
Jeevan said…
Some magazine reviews here said their is nothing like a story. But a must watch, at least to see how the 10 different rolls play. A mix adventure, sure to catch sometime soon.
Nachi said…
shut up! we are talking about Kamal Haasan here...what ever happened to the joys of being a fanatical supporter of your hero??

everything need not be about making sense...just sit back and enjoy the ride bro! should be fun...and still if you don't like the movie, there's always the popcorn and (always make sure of this) the hot babe in the seat next to you that should be incentive enough.


PS: i still need to see Sivaji!
alex said…


I would like to watch the movie as well.
Alok said…
Have no idea of any one of them ... it seems I am living in North Pole these days :)
Am In Trance said…
I Already Saw it Dude....
Only Kamal is nice....
But nothin specal though....
But Ok Ok Watchin...
Yea.. The Visual Effects Are Kewl.....
I Dig for that Anyway.....
Miladysa said…
lol - You fancy yourself as a film star Ghosty?
Ghost Particle said…
[gautami] thats true too :( The movie will be dubbed in Hindi...i heard somewhere... and sorry bout the word veri...if not there will b anons.

[venu] do watch it...Kamal must be good in it.

[jeevan] Exactly...a movie should be fun.

[nachi] I know bro! this is jst a satire...:P bout the hot babe thing...well... :(

[alex] if i were in India...we would all go together.

[alok] Hehehe we are drown with work bro.

[trance] Nice short is a Kamal movie anyway... :)

[milady] You never know never know. :)
Kavi said…
No story. Movie is history !
venus66 said…
He did well all the ten roles. Nothing much about the story but his acting was superb!

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