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Barack Obama, Yes We Can

A day to remember, History is being made...

[+] An excellent article: Calm in the Swirl of History
[#] Watching his rally in St. Paul on CNN now. It's massive, feels like JFK on stage addressing the nation and the world. I want to be there!


Ashu said…
Sneha left a dedication for you. come check
Ashu said…
Keshi s dedication for you. pls check
Cinderella. said…
Awesome !
Jeevan said…
Congrats Barack. knowing the first report of his victory from ur blog :)
don kno...but will wait for the impact...
Donah said…
Barack African American ??? How ???? Both his dad's parents were Arab, NOT Africanos. His true gramma (name unknown), a beautiful Arab died when his dad was young and Barak Sr grew up with "gramma" Sarah, one of his grampa's 14 women.... Barak Obama has no Niggah Blood at all, HE IS ARAB !!. His Arab grampa was no slave but a domestic servant for a rich English landowner in Kenya. And little Barry Obama ain't born on US soil but in Kenya and imported to Hawaii by his mom Ann Duncan....AFTER he was born in Nyangoma-Kogelo, at "gramma" Sarah's house in Kenya... Wake up America.... You've been TRICKED !! Donah//// P/S:- Barak Obama can't help it but the bigger phenigglar is his sneaky "black' wife Michelle !!!
d SINNER!!! said…

:)happy happy
Ghost Particle said…
@Donah hey donut, get a life dude. Who cares what color or what creed he is. He's good, and your a couch surfer. loser.
Keshi said…
I knew/know it that he CAN.

Keshi said…
omg Donah knows some COLOR n RACE facts or wut! No one cares abt them anymore Donah. Wake up, its the 21st century.

Black, white, arab or chinese, we r human. And u r? @Donah.

ppl need to wake up and realise that BLACK and WHITE r just colors for goddsakes! Color dun define a person.

Keshi said…
And Ghosty come n share with me ur phone dramas :)

brocasarea said…
yeah dude..happy that he won..hope he makes it!..:)
lavender tulips said…
I can't believe that he HAS! I'm so disappointed, I was/still am all for Hillary Clinton. Her policies were stronger & she's got a lot more experience at this.
The only one thing I'm actually proud of Obama doing is getting the youth & the younger generation involved. He's so young, I doubt how much 'change' he will bring if elected. However, I guess he would be my choice over McKaine but for very wrong reasons.
*donah, for a developed country, many like you still can't accept a president with another hue. It truly speaks out for DEVELOPMENT. sic!.

India is way ahead in all this, baby!

Ghosty boy, how are you? Muah!
Donn said…
Oooh aaah Donah is certainly a brave little f*cker isn't he?
Link Up us where your blogga lives...
come out come out wherever you are!

Ghostay I sure hope that 51% of America 'gets' the opportunity that has just been handed to them..despite Hillary's best efforts to screw it up.

Unfortunately my gut feeling is that collectively, that country is NOT ready to move forward and join the 21st Century.

I hope that I am wrong but despite the results of the Civil War in the mid 1800s, it seems as if there was, is, and always will be two very different Americas.
Alok said…
only history will tell wht this future beholds :)


Hope Obama does a good precedence :) Hows u? :)
Ghost Particle said…
guys and girls
who make my world
swirl and swirl
sorry for not replying
or visiting
im so so so
with work
will be back
in a few
Kavi said…
Lets hope there is change !

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