Saturday, June 21

Amigos Para Siempre

I look at you
I wonder why
There has to come
A time when we must say goodbye
Im alive when we are together

[+] Amigos Para Siempre (Friends For Life) - Sarah Brightman & José Carrera
[+] Lyrics
[+] Live Version from the Barcelona Olympics Closing Ceremony

[#] Still the best Olympics, I think. Great opening and closing ceremony.
[#] Have a nice weekend...Hugs to everyone.

Thursday, June 19

Review Rooms / Edges

Review Rooms

Being awake in a dream. As this cycle continue, day after day of the same hue of time. I did not realize for the first few chapters, that I was stuck in lucid worlds. It was always the review of days. As I sat on the couch, or lie on the bed watching the clock ticking on the wall and the review light getting dimmer. It was an experience to die for. It was new, as the edges of that review light always gives out sparkles, then tiny cyclotron lines, and I realize it was time itself magnified, visible to my eyes. And in those lines are electrons tracing back the cracks and permeating whole worlds. And then I'm awake again. This time outside a big building, and I see the floors disappear one by one. Occasionally on summer evenings, when the weather is too dry, my sleeps take me to new experiences. During those lucid's I find others in the review room. And I am sucked into chapters of other lives. I wake up from different moments in time and walk out of the house, or the class or office. As the walls get brighter and the chatter of people around me gets audible I realize it was all reviews of futures. I have not been there before. In some rooms I find cameras and browse through photos of new people. In my consequent dreams I find them in the review room, and in other chapters as myself. Morphing through ages, this review rooms become warmer, familiar. I wake up even less, but I build more worlds in each chapter. In some later days I found open walls or open doors in the review rooms. As I try to peek through them, they shut. The dance of light outside the rooms, I observed for fleeting moments. I know I can't see the creator. Maybe, not now.


cities flare imaginations. how would you feel in this endless world. all around you people, they dance and sleep. there is no end to this pockets of humanity as they replicate themselves infinite. this is a city never ending. miles and miles of road and rails, it goes on till the end never to come. pendaflour madness, as some describe the nights. but the light stops at the edge of the sky, with the heavens glittered with stars. in some towns they call the Edges, telescopes peer for intelligence. noisy skies filled with drones, of neighborhood walled city clans spying on clones of themselves. these cities, with the occasional meandering rivers exist lawless. there are murders, there are wars. all reported by clandestine radios and visuals. almost every street you go, there is a channel of information. some sort of clockwork entropy machine. there were no flags. there are colors, but at nights you can't decipher their photons. illusions all the same, as the find themselves hidden behind shadows of the light horizons. I see them as i walked the streets and sometimes drove on the forever roads. I see them looking back. their feet visible at the edge of the light rays. their eyes glowing white or blue. and those walled cities. they are magnificent. they have voice and are alive. when you look at them its like peering through massive mechanical clocks with great precision gears. yet these are strange cities, I cant find their ends. what end never found, doesn't fulfill the mind. life gets darker in the Edges. I did realize mornings never dawn there. I am in no hurry to leave. these cities are sometimes like home.
[#] What would you do if you dream like me?

Saturday, June 14

Movies and More Movies

It's summer time again, and what do you get during summers? Well you get a whole lot of summer movies of course. (cheesy cheesy line, worthy of a summer blockbuster :D) And of course the mania will continue till the end of the year....

So the key words and comments of summer movies are: It's awesome dude!, Great, simply great. Fcking stupid, dont go please dont go, oh god not M.Night again!, WTF, 2 hours of crap!, Not another Disney..., Kungfu by a Panda?!, Indy 4 what when? Batman is the best ever, ever! Please kill me now, hulk suck!, Iron Man is an Elitist!, Blockbuster, blockbuster, blockbuster, the popcorn was nice, what the...they still make Harry Potter?, Wall-EEEEEEEE, you watched a movie alone?, no...noooooooooooooo, Transformers was still the best...

The thing is, there's 90% chance that you wont get what you expect from summer releases or any releases for that matter. But then if you are a true fan and can see between the plots, and love more that just planted heroins and explosions, maybe a few will make you happy...
The Happening - Everyones dissing MNight months before the movie was event released. Proves time and again, why we should not make movies for lesser minds. I think MNight should just go on with his formula, let 9/10 ppl dont understand what he makes, there are people who loves his style and story.

Batman (The Dark Night) - Only for Christian Bale, but more than him, this is about a human comic book hero not a fantasy and Chris Nolan is a genius, enjoyable, visually stunning, little CGI = A Very Good Movie. If it will ever be a trilogy, it will be the best superhero movie of all time. And it will be a Bale and Nolan Batman that made it so.

James Bond (The Quantum of Solace) - Yes, 007 finally becomes a professor and explains string theory to you. While experimenting on a few female foreign lab assistants. Hey! :D And they said Pierce Brosnan was the best, duh! Daniel Craig is a spy more than a real spy! Enough said!

X-Files - I Want to Believe - No reason, I watched the first ever episode in 1993, and those were the times we get the same timed released as States; Wednesday nights, where the real hard core Prime Time series we're aired. So we watched as America watched and there is only great things to say about this series. Apart from the brain Duchovny Fox Mulder and Gillian Dana Scully, don't talk about chemistry, just seeing them together is enough to satisfy sci-fi fans. So the first movie was excellent and follows the canons of X-Files, and this 2 movie is...For fans only, maybe.

Wall-E - Okay, this seriously looks good and its a robot 'human' loving a robot...what kinda fetish is this? nah...its not that. This is a serious kiddy animation for adults. And who doesnt love robots...when they dont kill?

HellBoy 2 - Should be good, the CGI looks realistic, and creature designs are amazingly original.

Others that Might be...Religulous, Choke, Burn After Reading, City of Ember, American Teen, War Inc, Blindness, Wanted - Looks and sounds good...might wanna try.
The ones that is 'Critically Acclaimed', 'Inspired by something, someone great', 'Trailer was inspiring', 'Has that one great star from yesteryear', 'The dude who played Gandhi still acting (in it)!', 'A Movie by Steven Spielberg' - Might be good, Might be bad, One mans meat is another mans Salmonella nursery, will be too good that it wont release in your country. Go if you're a movie fan.
Foreign Language Films, Art Films, First timer movies, 'I made my first movie using an 8mm camera' movies - We've been here know the results, it will win an Oscar and a million other awards, but it will be slower than grandpa in an old Volvo and basically the visuals doesn't compensate the fact that its a different language and the subtitles are stupid. But if there is one thing to love in art movies in general...their stars are not pretenders and they don't need tonnes of makeup and an ego in the form of Christiano Ronaldo ego (huh!).

Animations (and movies with Animal Stars); Madagascar 2, Ice Age 3, Clone Wars, Space Chimps, Igor, etc - get a DVD, not worth a cinema ticket coz the cinema will be packed with kids, noisy kids and sleeping snoring parents. (Not to be mistaken with ANIME which is better than real life movies anytime).

Hulk!, Hancock, The Mummy: Tomb of somebody, Iron Man, Indy4, Harry Potter, etc -- Are All FANTASY movies. Fantastics, Fantastico movies, leave yuvar brain at home kind flicks. So how come you get too many reviews? Good ones mostly? Coz its reviewed by movies nerds who have no brains to leave at home, that being that, they think using other organs. Not to say any of this sucks, but you will be left thinking..."is that all?" When there is Will+Smith on a toilet paper, you know they'll cut down whole forests to satisfy the craze, so enough said.

Comedies, and 'Stay Away from this at all cost' Movies: Anything by Adam Sandler, Tom Cruise, Mike Myers, Tom Cruise, Will Ferrell, Tom Cruise, Shia LaBeouef... oh just do something better, volunteer somewhere, read a book, donate blood, etc.

Horror - NO. NO. NO. If there is a single synapse in you that still has the ability to get scared by remakes of Jap, Korean horror movies...please go to a gun store near you and...

Indian movies (Tamil, Hindi, etc) - I have no luck with this (Tamil movies), I try and try but seldom like them. I love Tamil movies because they speak my language. I don't like Tamil movies because they try to follow foreign styles. Movies should never be fusion, art cannot be fusion. I almost never watch Hindi movies unless its a ARR flicks. But yet again, purely for entertainment purposes and to get the thing going with same colored chicks, satisfy clan men and brothers...well you get the picture...ENJOY!
The rest of the stuff - There is gold to be found in the movie mountain heap, there is also diamond to be found if you dig deeper... :) Usually this takes months or years after the movie had limited released for you to realize its gems.

All said...Movies are made to resemble us for what we Could have become, what we should have become, what we might have become. They are written based on us, based on heroes, based on imaginary characters. Try and try they might, driving you to tears they can, they still don't touch you. Never will. There is no perfection in this art, there were perfect movie makers, but once it hits the mass market, the bits and pieces doesn't thrill anyone anymore. The art is lost in visual translation, it is remade, made to swallow by bloated movie studios. There are strong directors and movie makers who dare to make movies their style, and then there are committee movie makers who are open to whore themselves for a shot at box office funds.

The best movie makers are non conformists, thats why their styles stay remembered. Our expectations for movies is to sway us, to change a bit of us, but these days that doesn't happen anymore. Flashy movies are too expensive to make, so they have spew loads of fire power, big stars to bring back big bucks. The Happening was made for ~ USD 50 mil, and Hulk was like USD ~150 mil, so where does all this add up? One has a better story a more human movie, another is a comic book character. There are more comic geeks than traditional moviegoers. We are loosing our opinions, because the Big studio's wont listen to us. They have target groups and target audiences, and product placement up to their nose to even think about a satisfying movie. A hero don't die, because he was not a hero in the first place in this movies. A hero did not die in past movies because he is made to be a remembered as a Hero. A movie hero in a celluloid world and they used to be beautiful...

Beauty and Style, what are they? Beauty is for beautiful actors and actresses...they don't exists anymore. The fact is you have to dig movies from 30 or 40 years back to even find beautiful movie stars. Isn't movies supposed to defined by them, thats why they are there. Getting a man on the street into a movie because he looks like 'us' is not the spirit of the movie. This is not a politically correct medium, this is motion picture art in all its glory. Style is that one small moment, maybe even one minute of a 2 hour movie where your soul was grabbed forever. Moments like that are natural, it comes from a simple genius of a movie maker. They might be influence by past legends, but they know how to make those moments to say their name. It doesn't exists anymore, at least not most of the times.

And movie critics, the American Movie critics especially are losers. Definitely the majority of them has the power and they realize it, to kill a movie before it hits the editing room even. They are hounds, vultures of mass media and new media. How they follow every track of the movie, admirable in their circles it seems, are like poison for honest movie makers. The day a movie is announced to be made, there will be photos everywhere of those things that 'will be in the movie'. Why? because they say so and what happens next? You loose interest or if the critics are paid, planted such the case of big movies, you are made to like it more that its worth. Every pop movie will have a cliffhanger, will be cooked beyond need, will not have strong female characters, will have undeserving clowns like Shia LeBeouef as stars, will portray Western style of 'democracy', etc etc etc. We as movie fans, movie goers will never win this game, they have won it before it even starts.

And finally. If you plan to watch any movie, PLEASE DON'T READ ANY MOVIE REVIEWS.

[+] But if you value your ticket dough, there are unsung heroes who get their hands dirty for you, and there is only one place I get movies reviews I absolutely trust for speculative fictions: []

[#] Happy Weekend!

Friday, June 13


Early review. Spoilers? Who Cares!

I booked the tickets but couldn't find the time to go. But the movie apparently is so-so only.

Dude: Chandru said movie not nice

Ghost: oh

Dude: he say cannot understand like sivaji

Ghost: oh

Dude: sivaji best he say

* Dasavathaaram is KamalHassans movie where he plays 10 roles, and already they're calling him a genius for that...we'll bring me a good makeup artist and pay him and I can play 100 roles. Does this make you wanna watch a movie? NO! But sadly, I'm a die hard die Kamal fan....I have to catch this movie.
*Sivaji was Rajini's movie which is beyond understanding actually, crap wrapped in candy wrappers.

So this concludes another euphoria or uneventful but blown out of proportions try from Indian cinema. Not to say Hollywood is any better, but just to say, if you have the talents, why waste it on lesser minds? :D

Wednesday, June 4

Sunday, June 1

Electric Dreams

Hi...I woke up feeling sad today. Nothing changed for weeks. But there are some moments, cherished moments when I feel the whole world is mine. And then back to my depressed self. Sometimes i try to bring back that sweet memories of you and me. Remember the time when we went to the park. That cool yellow evening beside the lake. Kids running around and mothers following, ever watchful of their precious.

Have you ever wondered why some feelings are so vivid and every time we recall it, its like we're there. Even the touches seem to be real. The lotus in the lake, the kites in the sky. I still remember when that cute little girl gave you a flower. What flower was it? I forgot, maybe because you had a soul much elegant than the flower. I don't know. Sometimes it brings tears when you live back all this. But how to hold back memories or feelings...Decisions have to be made. I think were matured enough to think for ourselves, the time to get away from the secure hold of our parents and our home.

Remember the day you finally came to stay with me. Those days rival the days of the creation itself. The happiest days our lives. Every single moment treasured in time. Those cold nights, beside the amber light, you in my hands. I was cold, so cold, but you gave me the warmth to survive. Success and failure, everything everyone must go through in life. Nothing much to say about that, you were there every time i feel down, and i assured you i am always there, everywhere every time, around you, much like the enigmatic atoms. In creation both big and small, the universe, stars and humans.There are always two of everything. Humans do enjoy the same rules. Enjoy... is this the correct words.

Maybe God figured we cant survive alone. Civilizations rise and fall, death and destruction's, in the darkest days and sadness nights, there are always another human, mother, father, brothers or sisters, or me and you. Everytime when it seems we're walking in the shadows of the death, there is another soul near or far, always thinking of you. The other day i was cleaning my desk, i came across my much treasured little time capsule. Its a time machine, full of letters. Our letters, letters from my parents and my brothers. When i read the letters it takes me back in time, reassuring me sometimes that we had worse days or better days. Better days to cherish and dreadful days to forget.

Remember the days when even a kiss was not enough. The pain was unbearable. The scar left forever. But the miracle of the Lord that every time we came back, strive through the tragedies of the roses and thorn.Ever wondered why things that we do or experience have much relevance to the past great epics of life. All those made up stories, great literature, excellent narration, beautiful language. I think if books have souls of their own, then all those stories would be justified. You not being here, such emptiness in my life. The place is always cold. I don't even switch on the lights at nights. Only one illumination i remember, one glow, shining my life and my future paths. Those tiring days when we talked for hours about marriage. The nothing can separate us.

Those days we fought often only to fall asleep in each others arm at the end of the day. Remembering those petty arguments. How many children to have, their names... a bigger home, better job, money. All those when we were just stepping into that huge new world. Living by ourselves. Thinking of marriage when our parents had different plans. Grand is the God's design, we were always together. Whatever the design, we will die together. Not now but when we lived our dreams.

The last two years were gray and deep. Beautiful days. Remember that magical September. Cold, rainy days, some of those rare clear skies with warm yellow showers of sunlight. Each and every second of those days, we spend in fear, in silent tears running from those mesmerizing blue eyes. God's own eyes. That's what you have. But in those days of agony, we still had moments of laughter and in that moments, a hug or a kiss, was like...something I cant express in words. Then came the day, the moment of truth,maybe we can call it an experiment with truth. That morning, it was raining like the heavens are crashing down. Winds bending trees into beautiful arcs. Just as in the paintings. How do they ever paint those moments, slates in time of events so chaotic. In a few hours we were standing in the registrars office. The feelings indescribable.

You and me, finally, no one will separate us. I figured something as monumental as getting married was worth some fireworks in the sky. But it ended so fast. We had such great friends. But i guess it would have been better if our parents were there. thinking back of the day, that morning. That great picture was missing so many elements. So many souls. Well, they never understood and I wonder if they ever will. But nothing else mattered then. We are married. Witnessed by God. Funny that some signatures on papers were so important to legalize a chapter in life...legally married. A chapter when you die and erased yesterday, and are reborn to live today, not as a single person but two souls, captured in one electric bond, like the sky and earth itself. Formalities, are the only things that the humanity can be proud of.

[#] A repost, another experiment with a short story, wrote this five years back, I still like it..still gives me the heavy heart...


it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny