Tuesday, May 20

Why On Earth...

oh well
if you can beat them
join them
and watch your dreams
scatter away
and watch your days blindfolded
as it marches into the rain of doubt
because others are dictating your life
when you learn the language
of saying No
then you might have found a savior
inside you
hidden this long
to eternity not spoken
but if you have learned to accept
then you must follow the herd
into certain trouble and pain
occasionally you might ask
what is the problem
of just doing something
it might turn out to be good
but then you fail to realize
its only you who is left
to pick up the pieces
when all comes crumbling down
dreams built
on stilts
you work day and night
to hearts content
you are happy of who you are
you are happy of who you have become
then comes the evil
in many forms
to distract you
leaving you with the question
of reality
if it's real or an illusion
but don't leave
with uncertainty
they might say
we are lost
the moment we walk out
but they fail to see
we did not seek out
it's them who found us
and so
all that is well
ends well


[original post] ...do I manage to meet the wrongest people ever! Why!!! AAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaa!


yeskarthi said...

Take care. The world is full of dumb people...

Solitaire said...

enna panre?

Ghost Particle said...

[Karthi] so so so true sar. Time to be alert.

[sneha] matlab? :p

Nachi said...

yeah "Why??"...


hehehe...tonight's the big game bro. hold your breath for a new champion to emerge! Allez Chelsea!!

RADhika said...

happens.. many people are wrong.. you just have to recognize who these creatures are!
Nice read!

Miladysa said...

I love your poetry Ghosty!

Sweet dreams :-D

Enjoy the match!

alex said...


But, thats where we can try to be different.

Jeevan said...

I felt it said to me.

Alok said...

as Jeevan rightly said ... the lines were talking to me too


Ramses said...



it rains around the world sleep welcomes the dream, and  enigmatic souls awaken along the eternal shores of destiny