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The Stars Are Still Blinking

what morals you have
to enclose us in this world
where the walls are glass
and the air is poisonous
in which layers of sapience
and other sentience
battle for space
~ under the eternity sky
where stars flicker
wretched souls
bear the deluge of evidence
of creation gone wrong
and when all of it settles
such like the dust
moments after the first rain
you watch us die
over and over again


[#] I can tolerate most things, but not the feeling of being helpless, and not being there to help. Another journey halts, more to come.


Keshi said…
Im glad the stars are still blinking tho...HUGZ!

**I can tolerate most things, but not the feeling of being helpless, and not being there to help.

I know that feeling VERY WELL. But mate, as humans there r certain things we really CANT do. We just hv to watch n feel helpless.


Helpless we are.. how bad u try will still be helpless..coz we have a habit of jumping into issue where it get solved..we jump into another untill we get helpless again..
vicious circle isn't

hold is on its way
Solitaire said…
What happened to you? Why so morose?

Is this an address to God?
Am In Trance said…
Feeling Of Being Helpless...

Yea.. I Can Feel It..

But The Sun'll Shine,
N' the Moon'll Glitter Again..
The Roads'll show themselves,
N' we'll start walkin' Again..

Chin Up'...
Cinderella. said…
Bhai, isnt helplessness something that haunts us all our lives...?

There is always something that you want and cant have, and you dont want what you can have.

Such irony ! But truer than any true. All that we can do is try, and never stop trying, until we feel that we've enough and no more could be done. Atleast in the thought that may there be no tomoro where I'll think perhaps it would've changed had I tried alil more....

Dont loose heart. It'll be ok.
And miss you big time. Getting back this saturday. Hope to catch ya soon.

Nahuatl said…
Just another rant.

Have you finished your pending work that you started again? Get back to work.

Will talk to you soon.
Alok said…
Lets talk of the poetry first :) beautifully written at all levels .. I have told you before … the way you write makes me feel you are writing on my behalf … I can feel the suffocation that you portray with walled glass and poisonous air … the alliteration of sapience and sentience is so eloquently executed and is perfect … makes me question the same things that you question … and the last six lines are brilliantly narrated .. I almost felt like standing in that rain .. fully drenched .. and dying thousand deaths … where you reach with this poem is beyond mortals like me …. One of your best works that I have read ….

And now let’s come to the helplessness bit :) Siva … the only person who is not helpless is God himself … I am helpless … I accept it for I cannot be God … I don’t know whether this surrender to my own fate is good enough or not … but by doing so I am accept that I am responsible for my own destiny if that destiny can be controlled and this acceptance helps me travel on un-chartered paths … where the only gain that I have is learning .. beyond that everything is a beautiful void ….
Jason said…
Quite marvelous

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