Saturday, May 31

Polar Bear

Anyone know where I can buy a Polar Bear?
Somebody please send me a friggin Polar Bear.
I want one as a pet.
Then I'll walk it around the neighborhood
and let it eat all the cats.
And noisy kids.


Donn said...

We have Polar Bears!

One thing that you should keep in mind is that they are by far the most dangerous Bear in the world.

Black Bears, hmm, on the odd occasion that one attacks you still have a chance of fighting it off..

Grizzlies, play dead. They are 1,ooo pounds of muscle and Hunters know that a charging Grizz must be shot in the shoulder first in order to stop it because the skull is so thick that a bullet may richochet off..
anyway, cover your head and neck and just play dead and hope that it gets bored.'re dead..period. Because they live in such harsh protein free environments they will kill and eat anything that they can catch. Period.

Why not start off with a Koala Bear?

Nahuatl said...

Wow! Interesting facts, Donn!
Cool to know such stuff.

Maybe a panda wud be better for GP :P


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