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of hope / amber lights

like the droplets
on the window sills
one by one tiny dreams
they fall
and you told stories
of days and i listened
and when it comes to mine
it was silence
id rather hear you say
how much you love the world
id rather see you pray
to the god who loves you

like the cold droplets
now running in tiny streams
on the balcony flower patch
they are together formless now
you and me enveloped
in the maroon mist
searching for that instance
of amber lights flickering
which is hope in a failing world
where nothing comes
as wished


[#] Sometimes the heart yearns for too much among the derelict world where trust and believe have failed. Sometimes only hope remains, in all its divinity in our minds, and in all its fallacies around us.


Jeevan said…
Well said! Only hope remains in world and in self we must be strong enough what comes and goes.
Alok said…
deeply moving words u write bro .. the beauty of reading u is that the reader feel as if its their life that u r talking abt ... the second verse is amazing .. something tht can be read again and again esp the formless part ... something that I will carry with me thru this night ...


Keshi said…
Hope is all we've got Ghosty, even thos it's totally hopeless sometimes.

come check out my party pics :)

brocasarea said…
really nice man!!...))....[good creativity]
Nahuatl said…
shut up and work.
use just ur mind and finish off ur tasks. don't lose focus now
Cinderella. said…
You spin magic with your words bhai !
How I wish I could write like this at times. My juvenille style !!

**I love the second verse.
you and me enveloped
in the maroon mist
searching for that instance
of amber lights flickering**

Beautiful !!
Take care.
Cinderella. said…
Howdy bhai ? YOu good ?
Miladysa said…
Sometimes I think you dip your pen into your soul as you write.

This is wonderful!
Kavi said…
'and you told stories
of days and i listened
and when it comes to mine
it was silence'

Many a story wilts untold
In arches and whorls of the mind.
Someday. Perhaps someday.
They will all unfold.
Pauline said…
"of amber lights flickering"
I really enjoyed this piece. It has depth and emotion.
Ghost Particle said…
[jeevan] we live together bro, we face this world together. our hopes are one.

[alok] thx...i feel proud that u like it...coz ur the master poet bro. :)
what we take and what we leave, is something only our minds and heart understands, we can just stand in awe for the elements at work.

[keshi] true enough, at the last moment, even when we're dying, thats all we can do...Hope.

[broca] thx.

[nayan] lol! will do Jedi master :p

[cindy] my stlye is juvenile...u write way better. say it! :P hugs ok. thx da.

[milady] i do that alot dont it...searching for something missing so sorely. but I have friends who care about me more. hugs Milady.

[kavi] we are here to share, we are here to write, we are here to live and love. eventually all life will be written. thx sar :)

[pauline] thx my dear Pauline, our paths and life crosses, enables us to understand the hopes and feelings of others.

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