Tuesday, May 13

Life in a Jar: Irena Sendlerowa

Irena Sendler. How we don't see heroes among us these days...only to remember them when they're gone...
"The term 'hero' irritates me greatly. The opposite is true. I continue to have pangs of conscience that I did so little," Sendler said in one of her last interviews.
Sendler, born Irena Krzyzanowska, said she lived according to her physician father's teachings, arguing that "people can be only divided into good or bad; their race, religion, nationality don't matter."
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She was arrested in October 1943 and taken to Gestapo headquarters where she was beaten. Her legs and feet were broken and she was then driven away to be executed. But a rucksack of dollars paid by Zegota secured her release. She was knocked unconscious and left by the roadside. She still has to use crutches today as a result of her injuries.
[Full Story - Guardian, 2007]

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[-] She lost the 2007 Noble Peace Prize to Al 'Global Warming' Gore...I can't believe this world!!!


Cinderella. said...

True bhai !

A nation gets a hero, and somewhere a child looses a dad.
There aint no heroes, only lives given up only to be forgotten.

I'll read the full article and get back. How you doing ?

Solitaire said...

What can I say? It only goes to show us time and again that nothing is fair.

Keshi said...

**"people can be only divided into good or bad; their race, religion, nationality don't matter."

so true!

**She lost the 2007 Noble Peace Prize to Al 'Global Warming' Gore...

u r kidding me right!!! Al Gore is a politician who prolly warmed his butt out in the sun just one frikkin day. Global warming my ass! Not Nobel-prize worthy at all!


Donn said...

Fantastic tribute and eye opener.
The Nobel is starting to be more like the Oscars..but hey Gore did invent the Internet.

Good work Ghostay!

Miladysa said...

Lovely tribute to a remarkable human being Ghosty.

I too am irritated by the trivial use of 'hero' these days.

How diabolical that she never received the Nobel Peace Prize.

"people can be only divided into good or bad"

While I agree that we should not judge people by their race, religion, nationality etc. I am not sure that I agree with the "good or bad" part.

If you do a terrible thing and spend the remainder of your life only doing good are you bad? And vice versa. This thought tends to trouble me at times...

Jeevan said...

Very true bro. Some are not real heroes but we call them like that (esp. in films)and forget to realize the real heroes exist.

She is a women for a role model of bravery, people talking about her (at least now) and to know more about her is the great Noble i feel.

Kavi said...

Well written ! And thanks for the introduction to Irena ! Many a time i still wonder how blind i am to people. Irene seems to have been one of them..

brocasarea said...

thanks for sharing:)...reminds me of a person in our college campus who cant speak but manages to be happy always...

Ghost Particle said...

[cindy] im ok now da. when we all look after each other, then we dont need heroes, just kind souls like Irena.

[solitaire] fair, and humans are so far away. the least we did is remember her.

[keshi] we can carry her legacy, we can do anything in this world, and this will be a small important thing to do. al gore is an ass.

[donn] thx donn! you are right, it is another buy able medal and screw gore for that :P

we shall remember her.

[milady] we are different for what we Change in the course of our lives, but we are the same today, bad or good. :) you are right, can we simply change in the middle of the road and say sorry for all the sadistic things, I want to help you now. but the hurt is done. :(

[jeevan] you are right my wise brother, knowing her and what she did is a bigger award than the Nobel itself :)

[kavi] we have heroes among us who are so big in their heart that our own races in life blind ourselves. :) thx sar.

[broca] that is the spirit of being a human bro. :)


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