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I've Seen, Aware

and I've seen
I've seen
this big world
how it turns and turns
and swirls
snatching hearts
blinding eyes
in the summers
come the rouges
faking emotions
they danced
and for days they danced
from lesser beginnings
they pranced
on the faithfuls

across the seas
giant waves
ravaged lands
we waited
and we waited for nothing
as the clouds disappear
rays of light appear
captured in evening glasses
of the young at heart
as they walk the parks
stealing a few looks
at the defiant girls
the most beautiful they are
illusions grandeur
for the hearts sees
what the eyes don’t
what beauty
we see what beauty
from this life feisty

leaves of lost trees
in those gardens
so often our mind frees
from the clutches
of unfair dreams
as they shatter
under the pressure
of the world
twirl and swirl
and waves and clouds
no different to your color
as we wear the same skin
and spill the same blood
we are not aware
are we
we are not aware


[#] I think I'm back to my old weird self. Tell me if this really read as bad as it was to me...I have an excuse though! Wrote this in 7 minutes (it took me to download a 1.5 mb file from a really bad internet connection!!!). disclaimer: need to get some facts straight here... 7 mins to write... not counting formatting, and spell check in blogger. i figured i must write a word every 3 seconds to get this poem out in 7 mins...but it was a raw draft...before the formating, word change, and etc... :-)

[#] Will we ever contemplate suicide over a dead Internet connection?


I liked it and m amazed by both the facts that it took 7 min for 1.5mb and nex fact is u wrote such beautiful lines in those frustrating moments..
I heard ur reputation before I believe it ..
Keshi said…
cheerup...ur not alone mate.


vatsal said…
some things some ordinary people do are just unexplainable....when they do it occasionally...ppl call them genius...
...this poem is like one of those occasional moments.:-)
Kavi said…
7 mins..! You got to be kidding ! Lovley !
Nahuatl said…
Here is a solid proof what slow internet connections do to human mind.

Weird... but good :)
Solitaire said…
You are crazy!
iamnasra said…
loved your words
Ghost Particle said…
[sourish] hey bro. I got a reputation? U make me sound like a mercenary. :p THX!

[keshi] hugs girl.

[vatsal] thanx a million bro. welcome here. always a pleasure. :)

[kavi] me too... but please read the disclaimer :) always happy to received your comments sar. THX.

[nayan] Thx know me more. :)

[sol] thx dear crush. :P

[iamnasra] honored for the comments, how I cant ever touch the wisdom of geniuses like yourself. :) thx.
Cinderella. said…
LOl @ Sourish's comment !

He should've said 'folklore' instead.....hehe...

And for ppl like me who can say that they know you quite a bit, I wont say its weird...knowing your weird self...

The larger than life picture of the real deal that we hafta witness is overlooked by our not so meticulous eyes, in the drive ans lookout for utopia. Perhaps we never will...I dunno...

How are you bhai. Miss you. You dont ol these days I ?
Ghost Particle said…
in those moments, you where my light in the dark.

will you ever come back sneha?

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