Monday, May 19

Earthquake! (5.9, Northern Sumatra)

[update - final] It's classified as 'moderate', no casualties reported from the region so far. Good night and be safe folks.

[update] 19-MAY-2008 14:26:45 1.65 99.18 5.9 11.6km depth NORTHERN SUMATERA, INDONESIA

Felt another quake. This one lasted about 30 seconds, but not as strong as the previous episodes. Probably centered in Indonesia - Sumatra since previously we felt quakes only from that region (from Kajang, KL) . Waiting for Iris now.


Solitaire said...

What's going on?
Take care!

Jeevan said...

Even there was an earth vibration in south Tamil Nadu last night; we no need any quack still not come out of the destructions of china.
take care nanba.

brocasarea said...

hmm...thats sad man)...u know that when i was inhigh school[in 1999] i had felt an earth quake ehre inbangalore was a mild one but a n experience in itself!!

Miladysa said...

Stay safe Ghosty :-D


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